Credit Card Chargebacks

The Leading Provider of e-Commerce CNP Chargeback Services

All companies accepting credit card payments experience “chargebacks,” the holding of payments by the credit card provider due to a customer’s inquiry or problem.  iQor offers end-to-end chargeback services, including:

  • Retrieving new chargeback notifications and capturing all relevant information in our Chargeback Management System (CMS)
  • Ensuring all chargebacks and ecommerce chargebacks are worked within necessary timeframes
  • Performing all research and documentation retrieval
  • Fighting applicable chargebacks and recording final outcomes
  • Providing relevant and timely reporting

Resolving Avoidance or Reversals

Whether an account simply requires a timely response to an inquiry, or a retrieval through the bank process, iQor can resolve these avoidances.  We also track through the bank process, the re-depositing or clearing of funds related to reversals. 

Stopping Fraud

iQor provides pre-transaction fraud screening through a three point triangulation and post-transaction screening in regard to transaction records deemed fraudulent by the banks or merchant to verify true fraud versus ‘friendly’ fraud (unintentional errors or charges).


  • PCI compliance keeps consumer data secure
  • A proven process generating results for many of the largest e-commerce companies worldwide
  • Reversal and recovery results exceed industry averages
  • Onshore/offshore blended option
  • Contingency-based pricing; little or no start-up costs


  • Active member of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC); a merchant-led trade association focused on the efficient, safe and profitable use of e-Commerce and payments globally
  • Ensure chargebacks are worked within the regulated timeframes