Global Procurement

We have a supply-base that supports all our core industry segments, and that allows us to access parts for a very wide range of brands. These preferred suppliers are vetted and qualified by iQor to ensure they can provide the right quality, cost, service levels and sustainability needed for us to deliver to our customers.

Our suppliers are spread throughout the globe, and consequently so are our Commodity and Supplier Management associates, who are able to meet and discuss with suppliers in real-time and often in local language.

We also support managing custom/proprietary suppliers designated by our customers, who simply require iQor to manage parts-supply against Terms & Conditions they have agreed themselves.

Good Inventory management is key to our business and our customers, and as such we employ a range of various options to our customers. Customer Consigned Inventory programs which take advantage of previous investments, EOL asset management to sustain service levels for rapidly declining install base and even last time Buy financing options. These Asset programs provide iQor and our customers with a significant level of supply flexibility in the event of demand variability.

Throughout the total Product Life Cycle, NPI to EOL, iQor adopts different approaches and strategies to Part Sourcing. These include but are not limited to New Buy, Grade A, Repair, Refurbishment, Salvage and Tear-Down as well as New Product Introduction and Last Time Buy management. By understanding the Install Base and modelling declines, seasonality’s, marketing/retail events, etc, iQor can identify the optimal sourcing strategy to optimize service fulfilment whilst avoiding Excess and Obsolete inventory as products transition towards End of Service Life.