Network Optimization

Freight Optimization.

At iQor our approach to freight is to seamlessly manage and identify any potential business optimization opportunity and not necessarily one in their supply chain. Through supply chain consulting and network design studies, we help you with the big picture; what's working and what can be optimized for improved operational efficiency and better customer service.

Network Optimization.

The ability to continuously monitor and understand changes and trends in global transport and network solutions gives iQor customers the confidence to allow iQor to manage their networks. iQor monitors the options and brings innovative ideas and solutions to customer so that our customers remain competitive in the market place which is a core objective for iQor. We have introduced distributed network options to the reverse supply chain to provide unique cost reduction by screening out products bands at key points in the network. Additionally iQor has explored the surge in web based retail and the supporting logistics solutions into our industry where these services have benefits to our customers.