Reverse Logistics

We all recognize customer’s supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. In today’s fast-moving and competitive market, companies are looking for industry-leading high-tech aftermarket solutions to build more flexibility and convenience into their returns process.

Companies recognize a successful reverse logistics and asset recovery process - including Advance Exchange and Warranty validation not only drives best-in-class performance in their reverse logistics value chain, but also can differentiate their service offerings from the competition.

Customer experience has become a key measure of the success in the reverse logistics process. The implementation of an efficient Advance Exchange Warranty program can reinforce customer loyalty and retention while providing opportunities for warranty renewal and upgrades at a key point in the customer – OEM relationship.

Services Provided

iQor’s Reverse Logistics services include:

Service Benefits

Our customers realize a number of direct and indirect benefits such as:


iQor is able to provide its world class aftermarket and logistics services thanks to our careful selection process of partners. Deep analysis, carefully tested solutions and services provided by market leaders iQor cooperates with, can become a baseline of a reliable model that can be offered to customers. iQor has created a global strategic logistics supply base as well developed a unique, first in the industry strategic partnership with UPS, world's largest courier services provider. iQor cooperates with the following logistics services providers:

Global and regional preferred partners


iQor’s footprint spans over 3 million square feet of operating space in 28 locations across 8 countries. iQor develops partnerships in order to complement and expand Core Services, and support geographic expansion. iQor partners include key Value-Add providers as well as partners in transportation and logistics. iQor AMS also partners with the world's most successful companies across a broad array of industries including transportation, field services, hub services and resale/liquidation to provide a more robust solution to our customers.

Our partner network includes a strategic partnership with UPS which broadens our global footprint to;

Additionally iQor compliments logistics partnerships with technical and geographic technical services suppliers contracted through our dedicated supplier selection department. The ethos and expectation we set with our network of insourced and outsourced operations is simple for our customers, they can rely on iQor to be where the customer needs us. Where our services are complimented through innovative networks our customers know they will receive the iQor service, a seamless but transparent service delivery and execution is the minimum standard.

By leveraging our complementary product support services network, customers have access to a comprehensive suite of services from one source that meets all of their unique reverse logistics needs.