Service Parts Logistics

The aftermarket and reverse supply chain industry needs critical spare parts available and delivered to our customers within an agreed timescale, iQor’s Service Parts Logistics (SPL) solutions meet their needs.

Utilizing our Global capability each customer unique requirements are tailor designed to precisely fit and exceed those needs with ultimate emphasis on seamless execution.

iQor develops and maintains systems that not only get our customers the parts they need quickly, but also ensure we anticipate and prepare for every customers demand. Taking the mantle of total supply chain management, we provide a complete perspective of your supply chain end to end inventory inclusive of inbound, static and reverse. It’s all managed by an end-to-end model, integrating transportation, warehousing, and repair-cycle management.

We understand the importance of having the right stock in the right place at the right time, our specialized can manage every aspect of SPL so our customers don’t have to. From approved vendor supply of initial stock through to reverse stock management and recovery, your pipeline is ours.

Services Provided

We can offer you:


Our turnkey solution.

The full spectrum of inventory, warehousing, kitting and order management, iQor’s industry leading fulfilment business models balance delivery of critical business demands and cost optimization. This is not just picking, packing, and shipping orders with accuracy and speed, iQor processes can add value and optimize waste to our customer business model. iQor applies lean and six sigma continuous improvement to all operations ensuring cost and efficiency are delivered as a standard expectation.

With access to thousands of global stock locations and hubs employing our standard integrated systems puts you closer to your customers and offers global order and inventory visibility. Centralize your inventory at one of our global Central Stocking Locations for replenishment of your field stocking locations and to efficiently meet next-business-day customer commitments.

We offer a full range of cost-effective logistics options to meet your customers' service level agreements.

The options include one, two, four, six and eight hour same-day courier and next-flight-out services, in addition to an extensive suite of next-day shipping options.

Configuration to Order (CTO) and Pick To Order (PTO)

iQor AMS have a total experience on re-manufacturing or refurbishing electronic product — We collect defectives and based on demand we disassemble and clean the product and re-configure it to order with new parts , repaired parts or refurbish parts — Orders could come from our customer based on their demands, or directly from our predictive supply chain solution. Defectives stock can be anywhere and trigger for pick to Order is manage on the best routing and geo-capability for customer satisfaction.