Product Solutions

The rapid adoption of new technologies creates migration challenges for manufactures, businesses, network operators and consumers. iQor provides the tools to painlessly manage the life cycle of technology assets from the initial purchase to the retirement of excess and obsolete equipment. This comprehensive solution set allows our customers to fully realize the total investment they make in any technology asset and recover residual value that can be reinvested into the next generation of products.

New Products.

iQor has partnered with leading manufacturers, distributors and VARs to provide a one single source for equipment purchasing. Our product portfolio is customized to fit the unique requirements of the Mobility, Computing and Telecom sectors.

By providing a single point of contact, we enable our customers to simplify their supply chain and vendor management. We coordinate and consolidate shipments, and perform project specific builds that ensure the right equipment shows up at the correct location on time.

By consolidating purchasing with iQor our customers can focus on delivering the core services that have built their business, rather than peripheral back office logistics. A single phone call can put a virtual procurement department at your fingertips. This saves our customers both time and money.

With the increased competition in today’s technology markets, companies need to dedicate resources to ensure they deliver a best in class product or service to stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing iQor’s approach, our customers reduce the internal resource requirements associated with managing technology purchases, and instead focus on driving their competitive advantage.

Pre-Owned Products.

iQor’s certified pre-owned equipment allow our customer to do more with less. Pre-owned products expand budgets by as much as 70%, reduce lead times from weeks to days, which can positively impact sparing requirements.

As networks and devices are upgraded and assets are displaced, iQor offers trade in services and equipment buyback programs which provide a source of reliable, high quality, pre-owned assets. These assets are verified by iQor to ensure they meet OEM’s specifications, and are then made available for resale to support customer’s requirements.

With the life cycle of today's technology assets, business and network operators are faced with the dilemma of balancing budget allocations between maintaining legacy assets and deploying next generation technologies. By utilizing iQor's certified pre-owned products our customers are able to maintain their legacy assets at minimal cost and shift funding to the next generation builds.

Certified Pre-Owned products provide our customers an alternative to paying full price for new. This can directly reduce capital expenses for network upgrades and expansions or reduce operational expense by providing an alternative to maintenance and support contracts.

Supply Management.

Just because a technology asset has reached the end of its productive life cycle for you, doesn’t mean that it’s not valued by someone else. Because technology assets have become the backbone of so many businesses today, there is a need to maintain inventory to ensure stability. This often leads to a build-up of excess equipment that may still hold book value or is simply taking up storage space. iQor has built programs that allow our customers to unlock value from this equipment and turn it into a revenue source.

Whether you have a few extra mobile phones, obsolete computing equipment or a complete network we have a solution. Our equipment buyback programs are designed to support with both one time needs or ongoing requirements. Our consignment programs are tooled to turn excess and obsolete assets into working capital.

If you have purchased an asset, you need to ensure you get the maximum value from that asset.

Supply management programs are designed to provide benefits to all stakeholders associated with technology assets. Phase one is to identify which assets are needed for reuse and what is excess or obsolete. The Excess and Obsolete assets are then segregated into resalable equipment or scrap and converted from excess and obsolete to revenue.


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