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You get a world of advantages when you join iQor—paid training and time off, merit increases and bonuses to keep your pay climbing, career growth options and a fun, friendly workspace. You also get a different kind of advantage: the chance to make the real

world a better place. The need to give back is an iQorian value, one of seven principles we keep in the center of everything we do. Regardless of location, when you become an iQorian you’ll have many ways to make a lasting impact way beyond your job.


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Give back with us at iQor.

As a global company operating in 8 countries, we have a unique world view. We are in a position to support a rich exchange of ideas and promote multiple exciting cultures. We can also see opportunities to help improve lives in the communities where we operate, especially in areas of health, hunger and education.

Throughout the year, employees from Florida to the Philippines team up with local groups to raise money for meals, health care and vital educational programs. These outreach efforts cross all job levels and titles to unite iQorians in our most important role: global citizen.


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Awareness & Hopes.

In 2013, we decided to consolidate our giving efforts into one program called iQor Qares. To date iQor Qares has benefited over 20 global charities. In just one year we raised $90,000 with employee donations and company matching. On a corporate level, we raised $200,000 in 2016 at our first major charity event, held near our headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Employees also donated thousands of clothing and food items, school supplies and toys. Large or small, every single donation improves a life or brightens a future.


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