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From your first day at iQor, you’ll notice something special in the air. It’s a nurturing, supportive spirit that comes from our constant focus on customers. Helping people is what we do.

When you join our family, we’ll help you stretch personally and professionally. We’ll supply the topnotch training and tools to excel at your job and the leadership programs to advance.


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Two Tracks to Success

iQor offers two tracks to a great career: customer service and product support. You’ll have plenty of options for professional growth and career advancement at all levels, every step of the way, in either one. And when you reach manager level, the tracks merge in many places to form cross-paths to advancement.

Customer Interaction Career Path

We handle almost 100 million customer interactions a year at more than 40 locations around the world. As a customer interaction professional, you’ll use the newest technology and your own excellent communications skills to retain customers for the most well-known, trusted brands in the world.

Product Support Career Path

When mobile phones, tablets and corporate IT networks fail, personal lives and business stop working too. As a product support professional, you’ll deliver the fast, skilled service to put the world back together for thousands of grateful consumers and market-leading companies.


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