1st Party Collections

Using Data Science to Recover Revenue and Retain Customers

iQor provides 1st Party Collections for some of the world's best-known brands.

These companies trust us to intervene, in their name, at a critical point in the customer life cycle: when a customer in good standing is at the early stage of delinquency. At iQor, we believe this delicate interaction must be handled with care, intelligence, and a long-term view of the lifetime value of the customer.

Using Customer Intelligence to Tailor Contact Strategies.

Using a foundation of rich data and highly-skilled analysts, iQor's QuantuMatch analytics engine assembles and integrates our database of consumer data with external market information and, where possible, our client's own data to help determine the most appropriate intervention and contact strategy.

For example, we use insights from historical customer data to identify delinquency patterns and intervene proactively as appropriate. We also change contact strategies dynamically based on customer response rates.

Recovery Skills, Customer Care Approach. We tailor recommendations for each consumer. We resolve short-term delinquencies with a balanced focus on long-term customer retention, providing customized solutions that prevent churn. Our agents receive dual-training in both recovery, to equitably negotiate payments, and in customer care, to ensure a service experience that delights the customer.



Regulatory Compliance

iQor is firmly committed to performing collections services on behalf of our clients in a manner that respects the consumer and seeks fair and prompt payment for outstanding balances. We support and abide by the following governing bodies: