Early Stage Collections

Our unique approach is simple, help customers regain their good standing with our client's by bringing their past due balances current.

By leveraging our proprietary technology platforms, advanced analytics and dialer capabilities, we provide effective, efficient early stage collection services that greatly improve roll rates for accounts moving back to current. Unlike traditional A/R service providers, we bring a strategic discipline to the receivables process with methodologies that include up-front root cause analytics to identify and explain existing deficiencies, as well as post-initiative evaluations and ROI metrics that quantify the effectiveness of our solutions.

Because of our expertise across multiple industries, we can customize our solutions based on industry-specific nuances in billing, dispute resolution and information requirements. The result for our clients is an ability to turn deficiencies into efficiencies, for dramatic and cost-effective resolutions that significantly improve their bottom line. And through every step of the process, we never lose sight of the fact that we are representing your most important asset—your brand—and that we are doing so to protect your most important relationship: the one with your customers. Our goal is to successfully intervene and quickly resolve late payments in a way that will enhance your brand image and retain your customers.