Commercial Recovery

iQor Commercial Recovery services thousands of businesses in the collection of their business to business debts.

You Look Familiar

Operating as Receivable Management Services Corporation, we can trace our lineage back over 150 years. Our history, size and global coverage give us up to a 70% chance we've dealt with your defaulted customer in the past and know the leverage points needed to turn your debt into cash. In addition, each account, upon receipt, has its address and phone number updated to the latest public information as well as checked for TCPA compliance.

For companies we don't know, we're able to call upon a wide variety of data sources to locate their operations and staff and pursue your payment claim.

Trust Is Earned

As a creditor, you trust your collection agent to handle your cash, and your reputation. We take those responsibilities seriously and are one of only a few commercial collection agencies maintaining licensing compliance throughout North America on both the state and municipal levels. We are also charter members of the former Commercial Collection Agency Association section of the Commercial Law League of America, the largest private certification body in our industry.

On the technical side we can boast of complete call recording, PCA certification, SSAE 16 Certifications, and completely redundant data centers to insure your data's integrity and our consistent operation. The strict technical performance standards demanded by our largest global clients are the same ones that protect the smallest.

Finally, on-line access to your accounts and our notes, keep you informed of progress at all times.

Process and People Drive Results

We are second to none in our ability to generate consistently high recoveries in the shortest amount of time. We have the latest telecommunications technology married to a workflow systems designed specifically for Commercial collections. Our unique workflow systems combine scores, our prior experience and the results of collection activity to develop a work plan and individual account assignments that dramatically improve our performance over other client internal operations and other collection agents.

But our advantage is not all about systems. Our collection staff averages over 5 years in Commercial collections with a management structure that includes creditors' rights attorneys managing our centers. The staff is structured in a tiered collection progression with uncollected accounts moving onto new collectors who revisit past efforts and add new activities. Collectors are provided incentives geared around your results and individual accountability is maintained throughout the collection process.

As a result, we can handle both high transaction volumes and high dollar transactions with complete confidence.

Our Care Reps Are Dedicated To Your Firm

Each client has their personal representative whom they can call about questions. Our Care reps have extensive experience in Commercial collections themselves, but operate in your interest, independent of the collection staff. Care reps can help you analyze your options in pursuit of a debt, help organize documentation and assist in reporting on your accounts.

Extensive Industry Experience

Though we service numerous industries, we have specific experience in: