Credit Card Chargebacks

The Leading Provider of e-Commerce CNP Chargeback Services

All companies accepting credit card payments experience "chargebacks," the holding of payments by the credit card provider due to a customer's inquiry or problem. iQor offers end-to-end chargeback services, including:

Utilizing our Global capability each customer unique requirements are tailor designed to precisely fit and exceed those needs with ultimate emphasis on seamless execution.

Resolving Avoidance or Reversals

Whether an account simply requires a timely response to an inquiry, or a retrieval through the bank process, iQor can resolve these avoidances. We also track through the bank process, the re-depositing or clearing of funds related to reversals.

Stopping Fraud

iQor provides pre-transaction fraud screening through a three point triangulation and post-transaction screening in regard to transaction records deemed fraudulent by the banks or merchant to verify true fraud versus 'friendly' fraud (unintentional errors or charges).