Welcome/Wellness Proactive Outreach Programs that Boost Satisfaction, Loyalty and Revenue.

Holding on to customers in a highly competitive marketplace means taking care of them during every phase of the relationship. Early, proactive outreach can help clear up billing questions and clarify service offerings – before a frustrated customer calls. At iQor, we offer an array of analytics-driven, multi-channel outreach programs to help our clients boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A Cost-Efficient Way to Establish a Positive First Impression.

The advantage of implementing proactive Welcome loyalty programs are numerous: build and nurture valuable customer relationships by establishing a positive first impression; capture important contact information and preferences; enroll customers in automated payment plans, prevent future delinquencies by up to 20%; solicit feedback; and detect and prevent fraud.

Target Programs to High Value Customers.

Using iQor’s Quantum Match analytics engine, iQor can custom-tailor Welcome programs that focus only on the highest value customers to focus efforts that will generate the highest return on investment.



Wellness: Checking-In Increases Retention.

Wellness calls are designed to pro-actively communicate with customers who are coming near the end of their contractual obligation. In many cases, these are customers that have typically paid their bills on time and rarely called in with questions or problems.

Despite having no problem with their current provider, this lack of interaction may leave the customer feeling less valued and therefore at risk for voluntary churn. With the highly competitive nature of subscriber based businesses, discounted services and special features can easily lure these customers away.

The purpose of the Wellness Call is to solicit feedback from the customer (likes/dislikes) while letting them know that they are valued and their opinion matters. Within the context of the conversation, opportunities to advise the customer of future programs and/or upgraded products and services will most often present themselves. This proactive approach also offers an ideal platform for up-selling these customers.

There are also other Wellness components that target customers that have recently had a service or technical issue. The purpose of this type of call is to solicit feedback on the experience and to confirm that the matter was handled to their satisfaction. Examples of this include where someone called a technical support line for assistance with an electronic device or where someone had a vehicle in for service. Following-up gives the customer opportunities to connect and feel valued, while also providing valuable feedback.