On a QuEST to Create a More Sustainable Supply Chain

QuEST Forum's Sustainability Assessor Benchmarks Company Performance Against Best Practices.

iQor Partners with Leading Technology Brands in a Drive Towards Sustainable Supply Chains.

Leading technology brands are revving up their drive towards sustainable supply chains. They’re driven themselves, by the knowledge of the impact they can have on communities and the environment—for better or worse: 


As the world’s largest product support company and a longtime advocate for closed-loop supply chains, iQor completes 20 million repairs of electronic devices, components and network equipment every year. Skilled refurbishment, asset recovery and recycling efforts keep millions of products and millions of tons of materials in use and out landfills. 

Now more than ever, it is critical for supply chains to become more sustainable.

“With clients who include some of the biggest global technology brands, we are in a unique position to save precious resources and improve the quality of life for our people and our planet," said Hartmut Liebel.

As iQor intensifies its sustainability efforts, it has adopted the QuEST Sustainability Assessor. Developed by the QuEST Forum, a global organization focusing on quality and sustainability in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, this framework and online assessment tool lets companies benchmark their performance against best industry practices in ten sustainability areas. It also provides customized recommendations for improvement and a prioritized action plan that is trackable over time. 

The sustainability areas cover a wide range, including environmental management, corporate social responsibility and the circular economy. Best practices are drawn from continually updated case studies within the ICT industries. iQor will join other industry leaders in sponsoring QuEST Forum Americas Service Providers and Suppliers Summit 2017, which is being held September 18-22 in Dallas, TX. For more information about QuEST Forum and the September summit, click here.

To learn more about iQor’s sustainability initiatives and policies, please visit www.iqor.com/sustainability-policy