iQor Celebrates Sustainable, Circular Economy Ahead of Earth Day 2018

April 20, 2018

Integrated product and customer service provider honors Earth Day year-round with e-waste initiatives; champions Earth Week for a greener supply chain ecosystem

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.-iQor, the only global managed services provider embedded in the flow between product, people and services, has joined sustainability-focused companies across the globe to celebrate Earth Day 2018 with its ‘Earth Week at iQor’ initiative. iQor works with top brands around the globe to implement a sustainable circular strategy to control e-waste—electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.”

Sustainability is an integral part of iQor’s business practice and company mission. Since the launch of its Sustainability 2020 initiative, iQor has recycled more than 80 tons of metals, 7,500 tons of cardboard, 265 tons of plastic, 210 tons of foam and 970 tons of e-waste. As the world’s largest product support company, iQor completes 20 million repairs of electronic devices, components and equipment each year, keeping products and materials in use and out of landfills through refurbishment, asset recovery and recycling.

iQor last year was awarded “Sustainability Service of the Year” in the Business Intelligence Group’s 2017 Sustainability Awards program and adopted the QuEST Sustainability Assessor. Jimmy Rodriguez, senior vice president of Global Supply Chain and chief sustainability officer at iQor, was selected to serve on QuEST Forum’s 2018 Executive Board of Directors.

“We are proud to announce our sustainability efforts as a company in recognition of Earth Day,” said Jimmy Rodriguez. “These efforts put us on track to meet our zero-waste goals as we aim to dramatically decrease the amount of e-waste and potential resource depletion by 2020.”

The QuEST Forum Sustainability Awards named iQor a finalist for its Sustainability 2020 initiative. The program focuses on creating a greener, more environmentally friendly supply chain by reducing toxic e-waste and re-using resources and materials.

“We are excited to continue working with the most innovative technology brands to help them meet their sustainability goals by creating a supply chain where 100 percent of materials are recycled and reused,” said Hartmut Liebel, CEO of iQor.

To learn more about iQor’s sustainability initiatives, please click here.

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