iQor Extends Product Lifecycle for Leading Video Broadband Provider, Creates Millions in Savings

June 13, 2019

Tech-Enabled BPO company leverages quality expertise with failure analysis, automation and engineering capabilities to extend labor and material efficiencies for high-volume products

ST. PETERSBURG, FL JUNE 13, 2019 – iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, announced today that it has achieved record-setting savings, helping its client, a leading video and broadband provider, avoid millions in future costs over its long-time partnership thanks to the company’s product lifecycle solutions.

“As in all our pillars of service, our logistics and product services are a customer-first experience,” said iQor SVP & General Manager of Logistics and Product Services, Connie Long. “We infuse this mantra into our repair process, making it our standard to extend the lifecycle of products and harvest as much material as possible. Our client’s product and customer experience teams are seeing our refurbished units last longer and perform better than new, enabling them to allocate savings to other impactful projects.”

Each year, iQor refurbishes and screens over 8 million video and broadband devices for its client by using a combination of skilled repair technicians and automation. Instead of manual sorting, iQor’s automated receiving line saves time by scanning 75 products per minute (36,000 per shift) and improves disposition accuracy by routing them to the correct location based on the unit’s embedded code.

To help extend the life of products, iQor conducts quality testing in its ISO 17025 certified failure analysis laboratory in Memphis, Tennessee. Here, the company performs extreme stress and high acceleration life tests to gain functionality insights that are passed on to the client and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to generate proactive repairs and customer-centric designs.

Due to iQor’s initiatives in failure analysis and product handling, the refurbished video and broadband products have a higher quality than new units hitting the market. Its client has seen its repeat returns rate — the number of units returned multiple times — decrease to 0.46% from 4.3% and service quality average 77% better than the industry standard.

By maximizing the product lifecycle, iQor helps keep reusable parts out of landfills and exceeds industry standards. The company annually recycles or reuses 80 tons of metals, 265 tons of plastics, and 970 tons of e-scrap. More information on iQor’s sustainability practices can be found in their annual report.

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