iQor Launches Gamification Platform, GameTraQ, to Enhance Customer Service Training

September 27, 2018

iQor will provide a range of games and activities designed to increase engagement, boost productivity and increase learning retention

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – September 27, 2018 – iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions, announced today the launch of GameTraQ, its gamification platform and strategy aimed at improving engagement, motivation and productivity for contact center agents.
GameTraQ leverages real-time digital motivation techniques, enabling employees to communicate performance requirements as well as measure and self-track their progress for on-the-job learning.
According to Gartner, up to 80 percent of gamification efforts fail to meet business objectives due to poor design. For iQor, the GameTraQ aims to “gamify” the routine contact center on-the-job program training by making it more user-friendly, interactive, and in general, fun.
Since GameTraQ’s launch earlier this year, iQor has seen improved quality assurance scores from two to seven percent. The more engaged agents became on the platform, the more iQor saw significant improvement in performance, leading to more efficient problem resolutions, quicker calls, and higher scores of customer service and satisfaction for the company.
Developed in its Experience Innovation Lab, iQor’s GameTraQ has the ability to rapidly develop and execute parallel campaigns and initiatives so subject matter is always fresh. Some of GameTraQ’s activities include simulations, as well as themed role playing and competitive races – many of which entail daily, weekly, and monthly prizes and other incentives. All activities and games are measurable, trackable, and aimed at combining team building and healthy competition into learning. Employees can then see what needs to be improved and subsequently take action to reach or exceed desired metrics.
“GameTraQ allows us to provide a more enriching and interactive style of learning and optimizing operating performance,” said Marty Lehtio, iQor’s chief operations officer “The ability to track and self-correct performance then fill any knowledge gaps is driving better service to the end customer.”
iQor’s new direction for customer training aligns with a 2017 Gallup Poll indicating that two-thirds of US employees feel actively disengaged from their jobs. While disengaged employees drag down production levels and can erode morale with negativity, by contrast, employees who are actively involved with their jobs are more motivated, which makes them more productive.

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