When did you get your start in the BPO industry?

“I got started in the BPO industry in 1984 when I started as a sales rep in Columbus, Ohio for an ARM Company Payco American Corporation.”

iQor corporate culture values

What do you want people to know about iQor?

“With 35,000 people across the globe I want people to know that we deeply care about people.  Our values really solidify how we do that through- Integrity, customer dedication, open communication, respect, innovation, accountability and the Need to Give Back.“

“Listening is such a great quality to possess.  It is such a unique way to learn and people want to be heard.  That listening discipline was taught to me by my parents at a very young age and something I am conscious of every day.”


What are keys to an irresistible culture?

“An irresistible culture is built by making sure people love coming to work every day. That only happens if it is an environment that is positive, people have the opportunity to be heard and they are set up for success and growth.”

Bonus fun fact

“I love dolphins. Since the day I watched the television show Flipper, which most people are too young to remember, I became fascinated by their intelligence and I am fortunate to get to spend time in their environment on the weekends.”