Digital Infrastructure


From the move to a Software Defined Network (SDN) and next generation infrastructure, the telecom industry is undergoing a tremendous amount of transformation. With decades of experience in network technology and digital infrastructure, iQor is here to help.

Retail / E-tail Media & Wireless

Since 1964, iQor has provided products and services that help maintain and grow communication networks for OEMs, service providers and enterprises around the world. Our wireless, wireline, data and enterprise solutions include multi-vendor repair to OEM specifications, spare parts management, reverse logistics, legacy product development and enhancements, as well as certified pre-owned and new products.

Network Technology and Expertise

With iQor’s acquisition of Telmar in 2014, we now offer network-wide repair to strategic warranty management services, providing cost-savings through reduced OPEX and CAPEX. Our single source, network-wide repair includes wireless, data, optical, wireline, PCD, enterprise and test set. iQor also offers end-user repair and return, depot repair and multi-vendor warranty management.

Our multi-vendor supply solutions extend the life of your network and expand your services to meet your end users’ growing needs, all while maintaining network reliability and quality of service.

Moving Into the Digital Age

Throughout our network, we support 2G to 4G network expansions with the capabilities to provide 24/7 technical support. What sets us apart from our competitors is our multi-vendor repair capabilities, quick and reliable service delivery, commitment to quality in our products and services, advisory board and environmental responsibility regarding reuse and recycling.

Optimize your network today. Our global end-to-end product support services guarantee cost-savings while simultaneously ensuring network durability and quality of service. Our strategic solutions are trusted by several industry leading brands throughout the world.

Industry Benefits

iQor’s Digital Infrastructure Industry Key Facts