Health Care, Payers, & Providers

Customer support services to optimize member & provider interactions and guide you through the highly regulated health care and medical landscape

Health Care, Payers, & Providers
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To good health and great customer experiences

iQor offers comprehensive customer support solutions with an innovative approach to providing value to our clients. We help payers and providers improve interactions with new and existing customers while streamlining operations. Our cloud-based solutions help you focus on your mission: delivering the highest quality of care. Our back office support, workflow management tools, and onshore, nearshore and offshore locations within the health care industry to transform processes and services.

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Amazing customer experiences at every interaction

  • Individual group, Medicare, and Pharmacy services
  • Welcome and overflow calls
  • Billing inquiries
  • Provider and member overpayments
  • Benefit and eligibility inquiries
  • Claim servicing
  • Open enrollment
  • Payment center services
  • Member retention programs
  • Pharmacy (RX) retro term benefit recoveries
  • Patient recovery: deductibles, co-pays, self-pay
  • Premium recovery plans: Group, Cobra, Member, Medicare Advantage Part C, Medicare Part D
service inner icon BENEFITS

Creating healthy brand connections for you and your patients and members

20-40% cost savings on personnel and infrastructure

Up to a 45% improvement on receivables and overpayment recoveries

Hi-trust certified, SOC II certified, HIPAA compliant and PCI compliant

Over 40 years of health care industry expertise

Decades of service and receivable expertise for efficient claim processing and successful resolutions

24/7 payment portal access

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"iQor has over 40 years of health care industry expertise providing solutions for payers and providers to optimize the customer experience and improve cash flow."