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Leadership career development and training

Create better customer experiences with engaged, empowered, and leadership-ready employees.

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leadership-ready employee training

Build long-term customer value with iQor University

Through our highly rated on-the-job programs, our employees gain the skills and knowledge to support the world’s leading brands. The know-how they acquire boosts job performance now and adds value for years, creating a culture of deep understanding of your brand and unique customer needs.


Better customer experiences happen with brand ambassadors

From their very first day, we give employees the tools and training they need to increase productivity, gain speed to proficiency and become experts at your product or service, putting bright brand ambassadors at every level of your customer experience.

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Increase speed to proficiency

Virtual learning (or e-learning) helps speed up skill recall through rapid skill-based training for performance drivers, custom content, consistent messaging and knowledge testing.

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Support work-at-home employees

Increase employee engagement, trainer effectiveness and support your entire virtual team with WAH training, virtual classrooms, and virtual team building resources.

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Increase talent pipeline

Our 6-month Scholar program provides future leaders the skills they need to perform at a high level as soon as they are promoted.

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Improve agent engagement and retention

And productivity and performance. Our Leadership Academy provides skills and current best practices to all of our frontline leaders and trainers to increase employee retention and engagement.

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Build a clear path for diverse leadership

iQor’s On DeQ program offers high potential, diverse leaders an opportunity to work with a seasoned iQor veteran. This mentorship provides a clear channel for success.

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Create exceptional trainers

Our trainers are passionate about training and are continuously improving their effectiveness by sharing best practices, providing observational feedback and our award-winning Train the Trainer certification.


Our Industry Awards

We invest in our employees to their fullest potential, developing leaders and creating a company full of deep operational knowledge.


Our leadership training programs have been recognized by the Brandon Hall Group, Hr.com LEAD awards and the Stevie awards.


We’re recognized year after year by HR.com’s LEAD awards and the Stevie awards for our customer service training, coaching and trainer training programs.


iQor was the winner of the 2019 Skillsoft Innovation Award for Compliance and Ethics Excellence, which recognizes organizations that cultivate an ethical culture within a rich learning environment.