Travel and Hospitality

Rapid, personalized scaling solutions that deepen the customer experience

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First-class customer experiences

iQor’s industry experience and layered CX solutions, from back office to omnichannel support, boosts revenue and customer loyalty. Provide the ultimate level of comfort to your customers with on-demand scalable and secure digital customer support services. We meet them on the ground floor with voice, email, live chat, SMS and social, and deploy our full suite of CX tools like speech analytics, robotic process automation and machine learning to impact metrics important to you.

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Get your customers back to their happy place

  • Cross-sell/upsell
  • Reservations management
  • Back office support
  • Omnichannel customer support
  • Net promoter score analysis
  • General inquiries
  • Customer retention and analysis
  • Churn analysis and prevention
default BENEFITS

Your trusted partner to amazing customer experiences

Omnichannel services to meet customers on any digital platform

Skilled hospitality agents provide customer experiences that win customer loyalty

Back office transformation services can include intelligent automation to increase efficiency and refocus skilled agents to higher priority tasks

Our data analytics team can calculate customer lifetime value, predict future behavior, and prevent churn

Enable 24/7 support with self-service and automation tools

Personalized customer support that drives perfect CX experiences

resort and pool stay can be booked through hospitality agent

“Our ability to provide top-notch vacation and business travel support, with flexibility to change in travel plans, options to enhance their travel experience and our quick response to weather-related events drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.”