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We love being accessible to your customers when and where they want. Seamless and easy, the way CX should be.

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iQor has Voice, Email, Chat, Text, Social and Digital Agents

Voice, Email, Chat, Text, Social and Digital Agents

Our omnichannel support experience helps you connect with customers on their terms. Our CX experts help you design intelligent channel optimization strategies to ensure your channels are perfectly aligned with your customers' needs. From AI powered agents to In-App Messaging, iQor's experience is at your service.


Your customers are unique, the way you service them should be too!

They love you for a reason, let's keep them focused and make communicating with you effortless.

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Serve customers in their preferred channel

We work with you to quickly understand your customers' channel preferences and the type of interaction they value most. Together we create a seamless experience so you can stay nimble across channels and deliver a connected experience.

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Supercharge the experience in real-time

We live in an on-demand world. Luckily we're built for what's next. Our omnichannel platforms allow you to engage with your customers in real-time, keeping customers connected and on the go with your brand.

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Gain insights to help you improve CX

With data all in one place, Our CX data scientists help you understand your customers' behavior better and make informed decisions on delivering the best customer experience possible.

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Improve metrics that matter to you

We love making things better. Customer data and feedback help uncover opportunities and set insights in motion. We look at employee and customer experiences to help optimize performance.


Digital strategy optimizes CX

iQor’s digital IVR solutions offered a fast and efficient solution for a roadside assistance club, combining digital agents, text and voice to save time and allow customers to choose their own path.


of calls digitally automated


simple interactions handled by digital IVR


annualized savings by reducing workload of higher-skilled agents