Fuel customer loyalty and engagement with great customer experiences

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Win customers for life with world-class service

Our auto lending clients entrust iQor with wide-ranging responsibilities from collections to customer care to serve their massive customer bases. When your customers need guidance, our team of customer experience experts act as a navigation system, guiding your customers step-by-step through the process of repayment with patience and understanding to build trust and recover more revenue each month.

service inner icon SERVICES

Our fleet of customer experience experts are ready to take the wheel

  • Onboarding
  • Cross-sell and upsell
  • Dealer inquiries and education
  • Customer retention and rehabilitation
  • Omnichannel customer care
  • General inquiries
  • Churn analysis and prevention
  • Refinancing
  • Back office support
  • Invoicing services
service inner icon BENEFITS

A culture fueled by performance excellence

20+ years partner with a leading premier auto lender for customer care & collections - resulting in 26% in revenue growth in just the last five years

Implemented a digital IVR for self help emergency road side assistance with dispatch arrival tracking

Achieved a 180% increase in inbound right party contacts for major financial services provider

Increased auto payments enrollments by 107% for another leading auto lender

Our performance has helped clients win JD Power and other industry awards over the years

Emergency roadside assistance support from dispatch to enrollment

Section Background

"Our customers are thrilled with our flexibility with process and strategy changes, our ability to scale (ramp) quickly, and our performance. We often outperform our customers’ internal teams in NPS, financial and quality metrics, earning the majority of market share."