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Multi-Layered Protection for You

Keep customer data secure, 100% compliant, and stop threats in their tracks.

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iQor customer data is secure in world-class data centers in the U.S

A Dynamic Approach to Zero Trust

By continuously investing in a zero trust approach to cybersecurity, we protect your data and systems from the latest threats and ensure a secure environment for the data we store, manage, and analyze. Our five pillars of zero trust provide peace of mind that your outsourced business processes are protected through multi-factor authentication, network security and microsegmentation, data security, device authentication and authorization, and continuous monitoring of all actors.


Simplify and Strengthen Security at the Same Time

Safeguarding data and preventing fraud is becoming more complex as the digital world evolves. Simplify it with best-in-class compliance and coaching, physical and virtual access controls, and automated monitoring.

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Take charge of quality assurance and compliance

Detect calls that step outside of compliance guidelines, monitor call and screen activity in real time, and record and store 100% of audio and screen files.

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Education and technology go hand in hand

Our communications, training, and operations teams work together on ongoing security awareness campaigns for our organization to educate employees on best practices and protocols.

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Strengthen embedded security

We integrate all regulatory requirements with our CRM platform for each industry we serve​​. Our central architecture and multi-layer perimeter security provide unprecedented control​​​ and real-time endpoint protection.

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Proactive coaching environment

Our employee self-service portal keeps agents up to date on information, and our automated coaching platform improves compliance and quality assurance by automatically triggering coaching sessions.


Security Certifications

Maintain seamless omnichannel customer experiences with always-on, certified, and routinely audited security protocols. We meet global security standards for privacy and information management to ensure your data is protected. Our information security governance and compliance practices are audited regularly by Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton.

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Security You Can Trust

Security Excellence

We deploy the latest technology to help guard against threats and protect our clients' most sensitive data. Our robust processes, policies, and people with the right skill sets and awareness ensure compliance at scale.

Standards and Compliance

Our information security policies conform to ISO standards. We achieve annual PCI and SOC attestations, third-party security controls review, and third-party penetration testing.

Geodiverse Data Centers

All data and internet access resides at secure data centers in geographically diverse U.S. locations connected through our MPLS network and fully mirrored with real-time data updates.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a critical component of iQor’s zero trust approach, adding layers of security to access a network, application, or database by requiring all users to provide multiple factors to confirm their identity.

Layered Encryption

Our servers run on hardened platforms with the latest security patches. They are penetration tested and continuously audited. Sensitive data undergoes multiple layers of encryption.
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