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Welcome to the next level of driver delivery services, where every meal delivered, package dropped off, and ride shared is an opportunity to excel. At iQor, we understand the complexities of the online delivery world. Our mission? To ensure your business thrives in this competitive landscape through expertly crafted customer experience (CX) solutions.

Turning Industry Challenges Into Opportunities Together

Our multilingual CX services are designed to tackle the unique challenges facing your business, from fluctuating market dynamics to top-notch quality and operational efficiency. We've got you covered.

  • Respond to Customer Preferences: Keep your service in pole position by adapting to changing consumer trends with our strategic insights.
  • Manage Market Price Fluctuations: Protect your bottom line and maintain competitive pricing with our comprehensive support.
  • Guarantee Quality Standards: Elevate customer retention with our quality assurance strategies to make every delivery memorable.
  • Optimize Operational Efficiency: Navigate peak hours smoothly with our logistics solutions, ensuring every customer receives stellar service.

Enhancing Driver and Customer Experiences Our tailored CX strategy focuses on enriching the experiences of both drivers and customers, fostering loyalty and securing repeat business.

Complete support ecosystem including application and registration assistance and ongoing operational support through various channels.

Quick resolution mechanisms for payment, compensation, and safety concerns, underlining our commitment to driver welfare.

Accessible and efficient app support from pickup to delivery, making driving a stress-free and enjoyable experience to look forward to.

Fast and effective resolution of any disputes, fare concerns, or payment questions, reinforcing trust in your brand.

Dedicated support for safety inquiries and feedback, placing customer satisfaction at the heart of your service.

Social media moderation and marketing promotions support across all platforms to ensure a positive brand image.

1st and 3rd party collections and chargeback management services for efficient revenue recovery that offers peace of mind.

Back office services to manage complex issues with ease, driving the consistent experience your customers expect.

Why Choose iQor?

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Unmatched industry knowledge and CX strategy implementation.

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Cutting-edge technology and AI-driven solutions for dynamic adaptation.

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Comprehensive, multichannel customer and driver support systems.

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Tailored strategies for sustainable business expansion and customer loyalty.

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