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For more than two decades, iQor has partnered with the world's leading financial institutions to deliver financial customer support and financial BPO services. Our focus is, and always has been, delivering at the highest level of performance while ensuring zero-defect compliance.

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Strengthening the Customer Experience with Advanced Call Center Services At iQor, we understand that financial institutions today face the triple threat of declining loyalty, more demanding customers, and increasing competition from non-traditional providers. We know that the service our agents and contact centers deliver may be the key differentiator that sets our clients apart from the competition, so we empower them with tools and information they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Flexibility for a Changing Regulatory Landscape

We understand the extensive demands of regulatory reform, including new requirements being created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other institutions. While these changes exponentially increase complexity, iQor’s solution is simple: all regulations are embedded into our centralized infrastructure. When a new regulation is introduced, our Compliance Team updates our systems in real-time.

Bank - Loan - Mortgage Servicing with Superior Data Security

In financial services, the security of high value customer data is paramount. At iQor, we replaced traditional PCs and phones with thin clients and soft phones. With these “dumb terminals,” not a byte of data resides at the desktop. To access their virtual worQstation, agents must swipe a finger on their keyboard. iQor’s network uses biometric identification to determine who they are, what systems they can access, and the calls they can handle.

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