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Thanks to the digital age, the retail experience has changed. The proliferation of communication channels is changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Great customer experiences now happen at multiple touchpoints, including in person, on the phone, or via email or chat.

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Exceptional Customer Care

Great customer experiences now happen at multiple touch-points including in person, on the phone, via email, chat or social media. Forward-thinking retailers are improving the customer experience and reducing costs by bringing siloed back-end systems and processes into a centralized IT environment to fulfill this omni-channel expectation.

At the same time, retailers are devoting more attention and resources to reverse logistics as they seek to gain a competitive advantage and extract as much value as possible from returned goods. The average retailer's reverse logistics costs for consumer goods are equal to an average 8.1 percent of total sales, a figure which, unlike forward logistics, includes the value of the goods.

The Omni-Channel Expectation

In an omni-channel world, consumers expect to interact with a retail brand in a variety of ways: whether they are in a store, online, talking to a call center or interacting via their mobile device.

Regardless of channel, your customers want a personalized experience with a friendly agent who has accurate, relevant and timely product information. They want someone who can expertly guide them through any transaction, no matter how complex.

Using iQor’s analytics and innovations, we arm our call center agents with the information and intelligence they need to provide customers with great experiences through every communication channel.

Experienced Customer Support and Collections Services

We help retail merchants more effectively prioritize process and resolve payment issues in a timely, efficient manner. Through our agents’ specialized training in retail business transactions and customer support, they are able to recover funds quickly, provide retail services and maintain the important relationships our clients have with their customers.

With iQor’s innovative technology, our agents catalog and analyze data from each customer interaction to get to the root of the problem, solving a production issue before it creates more revenue depletion.

Quality Product Support Services

According to Inbound Logistics, the average retailer's reverse logistics cost for consumer goods equals an average 8.1 percent of total sales. iQor’s post-sales solutions help the world’s leading retailers use data more intelligently, focus on the end-to-end value chain and establish prevention programs that help to reduce costly return rates.

Our product support services team is located globally with central hubs near prominent transportation giants. We work to consistently improve turn-around time and reduce no-fault found products. Our technicians are qualified and continuously trained on product updates and innovations to better serve our clients. Specializing in a wind range of consumer electronics including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, monitors, gaming devices, smartwatches, wearables and Connected Home devices, iQor technicians are equipped to repair and refurbish virtually any product in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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