We Are iQorian

Having a set of clear principles and guideposts lets employees know where they stand and customers know our values and the quality of service they will receive. Our iQorian Values defines a consistent set of expectations for how we operate and interact.

  • People know they can count on us. We’re honest and reliable - we do what we say we’re going to do, even in difficult situations. We use grace and tact to build trust, loyalty, and to improve the quality of our relationships.

  • We provide unparalleled customer experiences. Clients around the world rely on us to uphold and further their brand loyalty with zeal. Our good judgement, strong instincts and relentlessly high standards help us deliver the best possible services, products and processes to everyone we meet.

  • An atmosphere that encourages direct, open communication is key to a strong team. We’re respectful in our communications - we have the courage to say what we think and question actions that are inconsistent with our values. We're the first to admit when we've made a mistake and are never afraid to apologize.

  • The key ingredients for successful teamwork are professionalism and respect. Because of this we are most efficient when we work together - we are greater than the sum of our individual parts. We ensure we stay motivated by celebrating each other’s achievements.

  • We’re always looking to improve upon our best. We are naturally curious. We strive to find new ways to make iQor processes, people and products better than they were before.

  • We take responsibility for our actions and attitudes. We are mindful of how we impact the larger company and affect others during our daily interactions. We seek ways to maximize our creativity so that we can do more with less.

  • We strive to change the world by improving the quality of life for those closest to us. Through our #iQorQares program, we are able to give back to our workforce, their families and our local communities. Serving others is important to who we are as individuals and lives at the heart of our culture.

Making the World a Better Place.

"Being a Certified Trainer, I am very passionate about having one-one time with my agents. When I started, I had a manager help me pave the way to become a trainer, and she was very passionate about me growing with the company, so once I became a trainer I always wanted to do the same for others."

Kimberley – Certified Trainer
Charlotte, North Carolina

“There are so many people out there who need our help and support. I find great joy in Need to Give Back and it is a very important iQorian Value to me. Taking part in the #iQorQares program and supporting the "Take Care" foundation gives me huge satisfaction.”

Monika - HR Team Leader
Bydgoszcz, Poland

“Taking part in Innovation programs such as Best of the Best or Idea Competition gives me a great opportunity to share my ideas and best practices with colleagues all over the world.”

Kristina- Training Specialist
Bydgoszcz, Poland

"iQor is an awesome place for personal development as they will provide you with the necessary tools resources and training to be successful."

Johnnie – Operations Manager
Memphis, Tennessee

Diversity in our Teams

Empowering Opportunity and Inclusion

At iQor, we want our workforce to be as diverse as the customers in the more than 60 countries we serve. We open our doors to professionals of all orientations, races, abilities, genders, and life experiences. We believe a culture of diversity enables us to recruit the best people, refuels ideas, and creates a place where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

Diversity in our Partners

Qualified and Innovative

We want our partners to be a reflection of our company. At iQor we believe that supplier diversity provides us a competitive advantage, facilitates customer loyalty, drives competition, and aligns with iQor’s business strategy. Supplier Diversity is a product of a healthy and transparent supply chain. We have created a Supplier Diversity Network (SDN) where certified Minority-, Woman-, Veteran-, Service-Disabled Veteran-, Disability-, LGBT-Owned businesses can register to become preferred resources that are encouraged to compete for contracting opportunities as they arise.

Sustainability 2020

Empowering the Circular Economy

Green is smart. Green saves costs. Green drives innovation. From a product’s inception until the end of its life. iQor partners with leading technology brands, our supply chain network, and our own employees to find innovative ways to improve the sustainability of the electronic devices in our lives.

Creating a Closed-Loop Supply Chain

To guide our efforts, we have created Sustainability 2020, an initiative focused on enabling our clients to create a closed-loop supply chain where they design more sustainable products, recycle more parts, recover more precious metals and refurbish more devices.