Data Solutions & Analytics

Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights.

Our award-winning technology, logistics and analytics platforms enable us to measure, monitor, and analyze brand interactions, improve business processes, and find operational efficiencies that lead to superior outcomes for our partners.


Revealing Potential


iQor's Data Solutions & Analytics team enhances operational efficiency, delivers value-added data services, and offers stand-alone commercial analytics products. We use a combination of engineering, data science, and consultative services to discover and harness asset value in operational data that adds value back into your business.

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Growing Your Business with Predictability

Ideas are infinite, great ideas are not. We embrace the Scientific Method and can apply that discipline to achieve your desired goals. It's in our DNA to form a hypothesis and measure the opportunity, providing clarity for your business.

A Passion for Invention

It's hard to create something new where nothing existed. It requires creativity, vision and a skilled understanding of process. Our passion lies in our ability to engineer and implement solutions that actually solve your business needs.

Scientific Methodology for your Business

At our very essence, we are curious by nature. For us, it makes perfect sense to make an observation, ask a question, form a hypothesis, test and prove or disprove an idea. We can help you change the way you look at growing your business.

Innovation Starts Here

It can make a process better. But just improving something that already exists doesn't always translate to sustainability or even growth. Our experts take pride in constantly innovating unique solutions that transform your processes.

Gathering & Growing


As Data Partners, we work with clients to build consistency around their data processes and in many cases, deliver three-dimensional views of the business trends and customer behaviors that only become evident through advanced analytics. What does it all mean? Better, faster, and smarter decision-making at a fraction of the cost.


Cloud-based business analytics software purposefully designed for business people across the enterprise and at all levels of the organization, from the agent to the C-Suite.


Harnessing the voice of the customer for improved customer experience, regulatory compliance, and streamlined business performance.


Helping clients capture data, develop insights, and implement data-driven innovations that create enduring competitive advantages and unique, continuously improving customer experiences.

Business Intelligence

Data that lets you work smarter not harder.

We believe your time is better spent making decisions with accurate data. In today's world, you can't afford to invest time in just collecting data. You need it accessible, customizable, and interactive - on demand. Our cloud-based business intelligence platform helps tell the story of your business in real-time. Whether you're managing agent-level call center processes or business unit performance KPIs, we can configure a solution that meets your needs.

  • Targeted Challenges


    Designed from day one as a pure data correlation engine, QeyMetrics integrates, correlates and aggregates all of your data so you don't have to. The solution can pull data from any database or accept existing data feeds making it easy to get started and overcome the following challenges:

    • Disparate data

    • Static data views

    • Reporting lag times

    • Spreadsheet-driven reporting

  • QeyMetrics Solutions

    Minimal Maintenance, Easy Customization, Great Support.
    • Create new metrics

    • Export to excel, pdf, powerpoint

    • Customize alerts

    • Apply colorized thresholds

    • Schedule Email distributions

    • Role based security screens


Interaction Analytics

Advanced Speech Analytics for Your Contact Center.

iQor's contact center technology helps you learn about your business through the voice of your customers. In today's Multi-channel environments, the idea of harmonizing speech, web interactions, social media, email, online conversations, and customer surveys can be overwhelming. We removed that complexity by creating a robust platform that identifies these interactions quickly and at a cost that actually produces a return on your investment.

  • Optimize Your Business

    Leverage the Voice of Your Customer.

    Nothing can tell you more about your operation than the voice of your customers. Through iQor's Speech Analytics offering, you can gain valuable insight from thousands of customer calls to fine tune your operation and impact your bottom line. Our Speech Analytics solution targets specific business challenges:

    • First Contact Resolution (FCR)

    • Handle Time Optimization (AHT)

    • Reduce Customer Churn

    • Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Speech Analytics Solutions

    • Improving products, processes, and customer experience.

    • Identify threats, opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.

    • Understand drivers of customer loyalty across the enterprise.

    • Tracking customer knowledge and gaining business insights.

    • Successfully service accounts and improve overall liquidations.

    • Comply with government regulations and corporate policies.


Applied Analytics

The Industry Leader for Intelligent BPO.

We know that data responds best and is most valuable when you engineer your systems and organizations to ask questions and make empowered decisions based on the answers. Whether we're asking questions to solve evolving challenges, identify new opportunities, or confirm what you already know, our commitment to data-driven operations sets us apart. We leverage decades of advanced analytics tenure - with experience from the largest organizations in the world and the best academic institutions - to bring your aspirational data needs to life.

  • Targeted Challenges

    The Foundation for Strong Data Starts Here.

    We believe so strongly in the benefits of applied analytics that we not only use them as pillars of our daily operations, but make them available through bespoke consulting and development projects for clients to tackle data processing, algorithmic development, or systems engineering challenges that exceed their internal capabilities. Our Applied Analytics solution targets:

    • Routing Optimization

    • Predictive Component Failure Models

    • Recruiting & Retention Optimization

    • Consumer Behavior Modeling

    • Consumer Contact Optimization

  • Applied Analytics Solutions

    Key Features & Benefits.

    Analytics are ingrained in iQor's systems and corporate culture. We do cutting-edge, high-volume data analytics - and we can help you do them, too.

    • Analytics-Driven Planning & Forecasting

    • Advanced Measurement & Visualization

    • Statistical Process Controls

    • Imbedded Analytics for Legacy Application Improvement

    • Signal Generation & Syndication

    • Data Platform & Processing Enhancement




For our clients, opportunities to create competitive advantage may be fleeting - circumstances and resources change fast. To take advantage of opportunities that may be visible only through data - integrated, rationalized, and presented for drill-down investigation - you need a technology platform that can help you proactively measure, recognize, and respond to events happening in real-time in your business.


Like always, we're taking customer interactions to new levels of satisfaction.

The way we communicate is evolving, and we're staying ahead of the curve. In everything we do, we're gearing up to deliver the most intelligent customer interactions the world has yet to see. Join us as we continue to lead the industry in customer experience.


At iQor, we focus on our best feature: customer experience.

Our greatest strength has always been how we facilitate authentic interactions. Even more than before, we're singularly devoted to providing the highest quality customer experiences. We've been able to do that through our top-notch team of tech-enabled agents. We're doubling down on CX to do this better, leaner, and faster.


We're investing in our strengths, all the way to the top and beyond.

Our new Board of Directors is passionate about amplifying our partnerships, deepening our core services and remaining agile to the unique needs of our employees and clients. Innovation has always been at our core, and our leadership will continue to lead us into more revolutionary services in the future. Feel free to expect big things.


Though we've been at it for years, this is only the beginning.

We're a business built on setting the standard for the highest quality of customer interactions. With our private cloud enabled technology, irresistible communal culture, and our talented team behind it all, we're paving the way for unprecedented customer support. Get ready to be empowered like never before.


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