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When Your Tech Support Needs Support

For more than 15 years iQor has provided front-line product and technical support for major telecom providers and consumer tech companies, growing to a domestic, near-shore and offshore talent base of more than 4,000 agents supporting a wide range of products.

We provide Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 technical support for some of the world’s leading brands.  Our highly trained, certified staff focuses on first call resolution, adopting the appropriate brand voice to deliver an exceptional customer experience in support of a wide range of products and services. 


Knowledge-Informed Interactions (KII): at the Heart of Our Service

Underlying our quest for excellence is a passionate commitment to Knowledge-Informed Interactions (KII), a system that ensures our agents have the latest technical solutions and product knowledge.

As part of our KII processes, our agents collect, share and collaborate on resolving technical issues on more than 300 different phones, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. They feed an ever-expanding knowledge base of deep, detailed diagnostic and workflow solutions of the hardware/software ecosystem, including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

With our KII shared knowledge forum, our agents—and our clients—have access to an evolving body of technical knowledge of every product they support. It also allows us to push repair trends to frontline agents to reduce the number of incorrect repair requests and no-fault-found returns.

Getting It Right the First (and Only) Time

iQor builds a customized technical support plan for each client that drives higher first call resolution. We share our client’s commitment to solving the problem for the customer the first time. To provide sustainable and repeatable results we employ strategies that can include multiple layers of concierge type support.

We view each problem, each interaction as an opportunity for our clients to get smarter about the products and services they offer customers.  Whether using post-call surveys, contextual notes, or creating customized reference materials, we help our clients improve their products, pricing, and policies.

Concierge Service = Five-Star CSAT

Satisfied customers have always been key to corporate success, but in today’s mobile world, with new devices and competing plans constantly becoming available, customer retention is harder than ever. To encourage brand loyalty, iQor models its technical support on concierge service at a five-star hotel.

Expect agents who are:

Hands-on Support in High-Tech Labs

As part of our commitment to our clients success, iQor helps build dedicated technical labs at our call centers. The labs are designed to replicate a typical store display, with flagship devices from our clients portfolio of products. With all the latest gadgets and equipment readily available, iQor agents can provide hands-on support from the floor, troubleshooting and recreating known issues to identify new solutions.

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