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Our philosophy is simple. Build world-class contact centers, invest in the best people and engage customers on their terms: where they want, when they want. Our consultative approach and intelligent proprietary technology systems help drive agent behaviors that deliver better outcomes.


Winning Technology


At iQor, we're committed to delivering lasting solutions that drive results. We see the customer experience from a holistic perspective - these solutions utilize our award-winning proprietary technology platforms that comprise the big picture from phone and web-initiated interactions to email, chat and text-driven conversations that are crucial for success.

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Work Smarter

Our intelligent agent softphone is equipped with compliance and quality controls so agents can work efficiently and worry-free. The predictive dialer informs automated action strategies for the entire lifecycle of the client program so no touch point is missed.

Enhanced Security

When a contact center agent swipes a finger, biometric identification determines who they are, what systems they can access and the calls they can handle. For our clients, smart security means peace of mind.

Find The Best Fit

At iQor we take great pride in hiring skilled professionals with upward potential. Our proprietary emotional aptitude testing platform allows us to assess important personality traits in individuals that have the ability to influence your bottom line.

Secure & Scalable

Revolutionary cloud-based technology allows us to stream data in the form of pixels so not a byte of data ever resides at the desktop. The set up of thousands of Thin Clients can be accomplished within hours, meaning the creation of your contact center can be accomplished over a weekend.

Technology Simplified

TeQ21, iQor’s proprietary, award-winning, fully integrated technology suite, is used to manage our programs.  The system gives us dynamic scalability, low ramp-up cost and rules-based compliance. Our technology suite enables our clients to meet their customer interaction strategy goals.

Multi-Channel Solutions


At iQor, we see the customer experience from a full-circle perspective. In today’s contact center, it’s not enough to maintain high levels of competency in just one or two communication channels. Solutions that comprise the big picture from phone and web-initiated interactions to email, chat and text-driven conversations are imperative for success.

Cultivating Growth


We are one of the largest and most respected providers of business process outsourcing and product support services in the world. Our team of 35,000 employees in 8 different countries continues to grow. And as we expand, so does our need for exceptionally talented personnel.


Referrals perform better and stay longer. iQor recruits almost exclusively through T.R.I.P.—our Talent Referral Incentive Program. T.R.I.P. is an online social recruiting tool that gives employees generous monetary rewards for finding and referring the right talent.


To predict the best service professionals, all iQor agents are hired through Qfit®, a proprietary emotional aptitude test to measure emotional and analytical skills, motivation level, and likelihood of remaining part of the iQor family.


Winner of the 2014 Leadership 500 Excellence Award iQor’s sQool Online University and Leadership AQademy provides access to the best trainers and experts and tracks who has skills and certifications for on-the-fly redeployment.


At iQor, the majority of new managers are promoted from the agent level. This is possible, in part, due to the frequent, thorough evaluation process we’ve put in place to reward top performers and keep them moving up an exciting and diverse career path.

Global Footprint


Tailored Approach

Different consumers have different needs.

You want to provide your customers with the best service at the right cost. iQor’s global footprint is built on a foundation of cost, quality, flexibility, and access to human talent. With a deep analysis of labor force ecosystems, we help you find the right people in the best location for the service provided.

Accessible Anywhere

Dynamic allocation on a global scale.

iQor’s flexibility lies in its global footprint and technology. Our cloud infrastructure and thin client technology allows us to allocate work dynamically to the appropriate center in real-time—without regard to the location. Acting without borders, iQor is able to serve a client from virtually any location—onshore, nearshore, or offshore—at virtually any time and expand at a moment’s notice.

Why We're Trusted

Using Data & Analytics to close the gap
  • Our consultative approach is why clients engage us; we work collaboratively with clients to help drive agent behaviors that deliver better outcomes. We apply strategic thought, clearly defined objectives and industry leading implementation processes. We believe in a shared vision and in aligning outcomes that are mutually beneficial. Whether it’s trying to improve Net Promoter Scores or Customer Satisfaction, we are committed to delivering lasting solutions that drive success in your customer call center strategy.

    In a metrics driven world, where actions are measured instantly, we share our clients’ vision and work tirelessly to ensure successful interactions. Our approach is rooted in the notion of doing what is right. We believe our efforts reflect this commitment and we endeavor to partner with clients who appreciate our values as an organization. 

  • Our intelligent call monitoring system allows iQor and its clients to monitor 100% of all interactions and automatically detect and assist agents in improving their skills or staying within compliance targets. Using logical speech recognition, the call monitoring technology senses when the tone of any conversation rises above conversational limits. Using a searchable database, a supervisor or client may listen to a single call or search for all calls containing specific characteristics.

  • Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) interpretations identify best practices. iQor’s strategic perspectives on the CSAT metric can be the common denominator between the implementation of new initiatives and their ultimate impact on customer satisfaction. We are able to intelligently track correlations within training processes and industry trends to make recommendations on improving productivity, enhancing efficiency and reducing expenses for better operational performance. 

  • Net Promoter Scores exist as a single number and are only one measurement of agent performance. It does not tell you why your customers feel the way they do—either as promoters or detractors—nor does it identify what you can do about it. iQor’s approach is to mentor low performing agents, reward and recognize achievement, and review trends in subscriber comments to identify areas for continuous improvement in tone, empathy and customer assurance. The bottom line difference translates to sustained growth in top margin satisfaction.

  • Customer advocacy is an essential component to your company’s sustained success and brand loyalty. At iQor, we are invested in the idea that the trust an agent builds with each customer individually has exponential value on the company as a whole. We employ people and processes that engage customers on responsible, meaningful levels that translate into greater revenue opportunities, while cultivating more beneficial long-term relationships. It’s a one-to-one mindset that fuels incremental growth and client fulfillment over time.  

  • iQor’s Knowledge-Informed Interactions system ensures our agents have the latest technical solutions and product knowledge. As part of our Knowledge Management processes, our agents collect, share, and collaborate on resolving issues. 


Like always, we're taking customer interactions to new levels of satisfaction.

The way we communicate is evolving, and we're staying ahead of the curve. In everything we do, we're gearing up to deliver the most intelligent customer interactions the world has yet to see. Join us as we continue to lead the industry in customer experience.


At iQor, we focus on our best feature: customer experience.

Our greatest strength has always been how we facilitate authentic interactions. Even more than before, we're singularly devoted to providing the highest quality customer experiences. We've been able to do that through our top-notch team of tech-enabled agents. We're doubling down on CX to do this better, leaner, and faster.


We're investing in our strengths, all the way to the top and beyond.

Our new Board of Directors is passionate about amplifying our partnerships, deepening our core services and remaining agile to the unique needs of our employees and clients. Innovation has always been at our core, and our leadership will continue to lead us into more revolutionary services in the future. Feel free to expect big things.


Though we've been at it for years, this is only the beginning.

We're a business built on setting the standard for the highest quality of customer interactions. With our private cloud enabled technology, irresistible communal culture, and our talented team behind it all, we're paving the way for unprecedented customer support. Get ready to be empowered like never before.


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