iQor business intelligence reporting and applied analytics

Business intelligence reporting and applied analytics

We work with you to build consistency around your data processes and deliver three-dimensional views of business trends and customer behaviors. What does it all mean? Better, faster, and smarter decision-making at a fraction of the cost.

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iQor offers on-demand business intelligence

On-demand business intelligence

Your time is better spent making decisions with accurate data. And you need it accessible, customizable, and interactive—on demand. Our cloud-based business intelligence platform helps tell the story of your business in real-time. Whether you're managing agent-level call center processes or business unit performance KPIs, we can configure a solution that meets your needs.


Create Real Value for Your Organization with Business Intelligence

Investing in your success starts with a perfect view into your business.

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Automatically correlate and aggregate data

Our BI solution can pull data from any database or existing data feeds making it easy to get started and quickly overcome challenges across your organization.

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Minimal maintenance, great support

Easily create and report on metrics, customize alerts and reporting schedules, and quickly understand your current and predicted state of business with our user-centric dashboard.

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Identify new opportunities

We use data analytics to ask the right questions and empower decisions to solve increasingly complex problems, champion change, and build stronger connections with your customers.

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Connect data, better CX

We provide you with insights across the service spectrum, helping you make better decisions that lower the overall cost of support and improve your brand experience.

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Real-time views made simple

We provide our executives real-time visibility into your business to spot trends and ensure there are no surprises, enabling best-in-class performance and C-suite level support.


Insights that shape your business

Our operations and business intelligence teams pored over data, monitored calls to identify trends, and gave employees deeper insights into their performance to help solve customer issues faster and more effectively.


increase in FCR score average


increase in CSAT score average

>10 mins

customer support experts decreased complex call times to under 9 minutes and 36 seconds