Private CX Cloud

Customer experience private cloud

Solve complex CX challenges quickly with simple integration into our CX private cloud, where you have access to a suite of tools to support your customer experience, quality assurance and growth needs.

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deliver personalized experiences to customers with iQor CX private cloud

Easy integration as personalized as your customer experiences

Our CX private cloud is a flexible digital platform that combines proprietary technology with an open system design for seamless integration with customer systems. Quickly enable omnichannel solutions and deliver personalized experiences with one-click deployment using automation, analytics, and intelligence. Plus, we only deploy solutions against metrics that are most critical to you—so you can track what you care about most.


Dynamic allocation solves your toughest CX challenges

We use a winning combination of private cloud technology for effortless connection into our secure MPLS network and consultative support to solve your biggest CX challenges. Whether it's for voice or non-voice interactions, we deliver the required tools to our agent's desktops no matter where they are in the world to optimize your channels and create happier customer experiences.

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Scale customer support teams rapidly

Launch customer experience teams to any scale you need—really. We can launch 36,000 workstations in a day.

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Remain flexible to changing customer needs

Allocate experts to what matters most to you and your customers. Our CX private cloud supports internal centers and can handle 100% of your event-driven volume.

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Launch teams instantaneously at scale

Whether you need a team of 150 people in Tucson or 1,500 spread out in Clark, Davao and Charlotte, launch your teams anywhere at the same time.

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Keep data safe

We wipe data after every shift, embed our systems with compliance and security safeguards, and store all sensitive data at our secure, world-class data centers in the U.S.


Moving fast for our clients

iQor hired and ramped 2,000 agents in 16 months for a major telco provider using a combination of best-in-class recruiting techniques and ease of integration with our CX private cloud.


reduction in new program costs​


lower attrition​


lower telephony costs