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Speech analytics and interaction insights

Proprietary interaction analytics mine every conversation to take your customer experiences further, faster.

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Grow your business by understanding the intent behind every customer interaction

iQor's contact center technology helps you learn about your business through the voice of your customers. In today's multi-channel environments, the idea of harmonizing speech, web interactions, social media, email, online conversations, and customer surveys can be overwhelming. We removed that complexity by creating a robust platform that identifies these interactions quickly and effectively.


Speech Analytics: Meet VALDI​

VALDI is iQor’s proprietary speech and interaction analysis platform that uses cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to mine every available recorded interaction between agents and customers. ​

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Built to solve your unique business challenges

Advanced data processing and multidimensional analyses generate valuable insight from millions of customer calls to fine tune your operation and improve your bottom line.

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Improve vital KPIs

Our interaction analytics solution can help your target challenges around first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), customer churn and customer satisfaction.

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See the complete picture

The only platform of its kind that synchronizes screen recording playback with audio recording so you can analyze sentiment more deeply and compile data to drive reporting and alerts.

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Adapt easily to legacy systems

Our interaction analytics platform is easily adaptable to your domain-specific language, legacy systems and can be configured to your short- and long-term goals.

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Readily search speech-to-text

Optimize quality assurance. Our speech analytics platform produces accurate call transcription and detailed information on many different characteristics of the audio recording.

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Improve compliance and quality assurance

Analyze and flag each interaction for any topic of interest to drive trending, reporting, and alerts—from the customer interaction to the enterprise level.

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Keep data secure

Sensitive data is managed through integration with iQor’s single sign-on (SS0) authentication. Complete user activity, including searched text, is recorded and monitored.


Analytics that make a difference

iQor’s CX data scientists analyzed interaction analytics data to save thousands of customers from canceling their contracts with a major home warranty provider


increase in customer save rate


average customers saved from canceling weekly


increase in rebuttal (attempted saves) rate