Extended Network Life

Extend the Life of Your Network.

As an OEM, iQor Network Technology has acquired 42 product lines, which include the following product types sustained through continuous manufacturing, custom research and development (R&D) initiatives. Our extended life products provide high value to service providers who want to maximize investment in their existing network infrastructure.

Services Provided

iQor's Extended Life product family includes the following:

Extend the Life of Legacy Systems with iQor’s flash drive SCSI DRIVE REPLACEMENT.

The iQor Flash Drive (IFD) is an integrated solution that utilizes proven Supply Chain Services International (SCSI) architecture to provide a drop-in replacement for electro-mechanical hard drives and magneto-optical drives. The SCSI printed circuit boards (PCB) allows service providers to have a quick, low-cost flash memory solution for their legacy system through IFD’s unique firmware that matches the legacy system's software.

iQor Flash

The benefits of iQor's Telmar Drive: