Field Services

iQor Field Services are offered through Product Support Services division and currently services in excess of 200,000 field service events worldwide across North America, APAC and EMEA.

iQor's Reach

Servicing installation, maintenance and break fix events in circa 28 countries.

Using our unique compliment of iQor CCS Tech Support and iQor AMS Depot Repair overlay with knowledge management capabilities, we offer a unique field service model focused on waste elimination through process optimization.

Additionally iQor has a proven industry leading reverse supply chain and logistics capabilities and global strategic partnership with the like of UPS so our SPL operations further complement our ability to provide total field service. 

Our approach to dispatch avoidance, event cycle reduction presents customers with an alternative business model based on a vested structure linked to waste optimization and efficiency improvement.

This unique approach protects our customers brand image and loyalty through high levels of customer satisfaction coupled with cost savings through optimization business process management. Our capability has even given customers the ability to turn over their network of suppliers to iQor and see service and cost improvements through our optimization ethos and capability.