Technology Innovation

Remote Diagnostics, Failure Analytics, Kiosk.

iQor’s Technology Innovation process is focused on identifying, evaluating, developing and delivering competitive and innovative Strategic Technical Solutions that enhance and improve our existing business models and to enable also new business models and service offerings.

What can we do different rather than just doing something better is our characterizing our daily work of our Innovation- and Engineering teams across our AMS-facilities.

Technology driven maximization of the Automation of our Depot-/Hub Repair Processes for an overall efficient and effective, standardized Device- and OEM agnostic Repair-Process and the optimization of our In-Field/Repair-Avoidance solutions are only some of our Technology Innovation focus points.

Example Kiosk:

In response to a growing demand in the field to lower costs by testing devices for problems before they are sent away for repair, iQor decided to utilize some of its Depot-Repair proven Diagnostic-Solutions for use in the field with target audiences such as Retailers, Carriers, “On-Line Shops”, Walk-In Centers, Service-Points, etc. With the growing complexity of Smartphone- and Computing devices there is a parallel growing desire to educate customers on how to use and fix their devices. Currently “customers” survey manually these devices and decide if they need to be sent out for repair in a process that requires training and is open to human error. Using our Kiosk will kick-off a comprehensive User-Education, will identify “No-Failure-Found” devices and easy, in the field, repairable devices, with quality customer service whilst ensuring repair-avoidance, cost savings and adding additional opportunities for Vendor up-selling or Trade-In offerings.

Our Kiosk-Solutions, covering OEM agnostic Smartphone-, Tablet and Computing devices, are supported via Failure-Analytics, based on millions of successfully repaired devices.

Our Kiosks can be placed in different Customer environments and are delivering beside device-diagnostics also data-management solutions for data-wipe, data-transitions and SW-updates. Real-time reporting and customized Dash-board solutions are completing our Kiosk Service offerings. And our Web-enabled diagnostic solutions can be used also for remote service offerings such as efficient and effective Call-Center support.

Our Kiosk solutions are providing Test-Suites that reliably and consistently diagnosing any and every fault and functional failure of Smart-Phones/Tablets and Laptops/Notebooks. All default Test-Suites can be easily customized and they are easily reconfigurable to accommodate any customer required Quality-/Specification changes, new Product- and SW-version introductions and any other product-related updates and changes. All Kiosk solutions are focused on maximizing consumer satisfaction and experience through “Ease of Use” and “Effectiveness” and can be operated either as an assisted or a Self-Service-solution. Regular maintenance and performance monitoring as well as new Kiosk-Updates/Releases will be organized remotely in coordination with the customer.

Remote Diagnostic App

Provide a fast, diagnostic experience when a mobile device is not functioning properly .

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