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Technical Support

The Challenge

This globally dominant mobile phone provider manufactures phones and electronics with a famously wide variety of product models, features, sizes, and price points. To keep up with the company’s rapid launch timetables for new products, while at the same time helping their customers with current devices, the company needed a technical support team.

The Solution

Working with the provider’s OEM partner, iQor aggressively sought ways to improve customer satisfaction and first contact resolution. Our operations and business intelligence teams pored over data and monitored calls to identify trends and issues. Once identified, trends were validated using iQor’s proprietary business intelligence and data analytics platform.

4 Metric-Improving Strategies

  1. With our exclusive data analytics tool, supervisors drilled down through customer satisfaction survey results agent-by-agent to understand the reasons for missed or low customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and first call resolution (FCR) scores. Low-scoring agents received immediate coaching sessions to correct problems immediately.
  2. Using individual scorecards, agents monitored their performance over time, driving improvements and identifying areas for growth.
  3. In collaboration with the provider, iQor instituted its Stay Program, in which agents stayed on the line with the customer, even if that meant calling the customer’s carrier or partner, resulting in an 11% increase in CSAT and FCR score averages.
  4. By implementing our knowledge management forum, iQor helped the provider achieve a full 5–point increase in FCR. And, despite a focus on FCR, most of our agents kept call times under 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

The Results

11% increase in CSAT

Another 11% increase in FCR rate

<10 minutes in call time average

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