Workforce Management Expertise Elevates Retail Client’s Driver Delivery Experience Across All Seasons


Leading Multinational Retailer

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  • Back Office
  • Customer Care (Voice & Non-Voice)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Process Consultation & Optimization
  • Workforce Management


Driver Delivery, E-Commerce, Transportation Services, Retail


  • Colombia

Why iQor?

This case study examines iQor’s partnership with a large multinational retailer at the forefront of supply chain management, transportation, and logistics. iQor’s process optimization solutions exceeded SLAs, dramatically improved CSAT, and enabled the retailer to grow their market share in the competitive retail and e-commerce driver delivery domain.

The retailer selected iQor to manage driver applicant support for their driver delivery services on the basis of our longstanding and successful partnership. Our client is confident in our ability to support retail business initiatives through our:

  1. Reputation for performance and delivery, particularly through workforce management.
  2. Ability to provide exceptional service quality while optimizing processes and people.
  3. Extensive selection of geos with talent landscapes favorable to the client’s needs.
  4. Swift, flexible program launches that achieve performance targets from Day One.

iQor is the retailer’s only BPO providing driver applicant support, showcasing the high level of trust they have in iQor. The retailer has repeatedly selected iQor over other vendors due to our highly effective workforce management approach that leverages the optimal people and processes to surpass performance benchmarks. 

The driver delivery program’s results were so successful that the retailer expanded the partnership’s scope to include active driver delivery support, indicating a promising future for our ongoing business relationship.

Success Snapshot

Unstoppable Performance

  • Next-gen digital solutions. 
  • World-class people and processes. 
  • Multilingual talent hubs. 
  • Agile launches.  
  • Full staffing compliance.

Irresistible Outcomes 

  • Cleared 42K email backlog. 
  • 2x service level targets.  
  • Increased voice and email CSAT by 50%. 
  • 90%+ voice CSAT for active drivers. 
  • Increased service offerings. 


For years, iQor has provided support for the retail and e-commerce giant across various locations tailored to their diverse business needs. Recognizing the crucial role of driver delivery in their success, the client entrusted iQor’s customer-centric approach to maximize its potential.

Responding to Growth With Nearshore Staffing for Driver Delivery Support

As the retailer’s driver delivery network expanded, they sought iQor’s expertise to spearhead the optimization of driver applicant support. This initial collaboration involved identifying qualified candidates and addressing their inquiries throughout the application process, while final hiring decisions remained with the retailer. Nearshore support with bilingual (Spanish and English) agents was essential for this line of business.

Bridging Gaps in Driver Delivery Operations

The retailer had inherited a backlog of 42,000 unanswered applicant emails. When iQor assumed responsibility for driver applicant support, the team needed to swiftly address the backlog and increase customer satisfaction levels.   

Working closely with the client, we also established standardized email templates to improve communication and consistency throughout the driver application process. iQor embraced the opportunity to resolve the backlog while collaborating with the retailer throughout their data migration and optimization process. 

Scaling for Success During Peak Seasons

Anticipating a significant surge in e-commerce transactions compared to the previous year due to consumers’ dramatically rising preference for digital shopping, the retailer projected a substantial rise in driver applications that would need processing. Meeting this peak demand necessitated a highly scalable staffing solution.

Shared Goals

iQor established clear objectives:

  1. Improve CSAT over 30-60-90 days.
  2. Eliminate the email backlog.
  3. Integrate the data systems.
  4. Achieve full-time employee requirements.

Business Opportunity

In the digital shopping and e-commerce era, customers expect retailers to provide swift, reliable deliveries. Smile-worthy service is crucial for exceeding customer expectations, fostering loyalty, and gaining a competitive edge in the outsourced retail driver delivery arena.   

Let’s explore how iQor’s expertise leveraging current customer sentiment, preferences, and trends benefits our retail client and their end customer.

Advantages of Driver Delivery to the Customer

  • Convenience. Busy lifestyles and access to technology drive demand for getting things delivered directly to one’s doorstep. 
  • Variety. Delivery services offer access to a wider range of products, all within a single app
  • Time Savings. Delivery eliminates the need for travel and in-store shopping, freeing up time for consumers. 

Advantages of Driver Delivery to Retailers

  • Increased Sales. Offering convenient delivery options can attract more customers and lead to significant retail sales growth.  
  • Data and Insights. Delivery platforms provide valuable customer data on preferences and buying habits, aiding in better marketing and inventory management. 
  • Scalability. Effective driver delivery services can be easily scaled up or down based on seasonal fluctuations or other changes in demand.  


The Right People, the Right Place for Retail Customer Service Success

iQor’s Medellín, Colombia site emerged as the perfect fit for the retailer’s needs. With only a few weeks’ notice, we hired leadership and executed an agile launch in March 2023. Here’s why this nearshore site provides the best geographic advantage to the retail giant:

  1. Colombia boasts a highly educated and language-proficient workforce, fulfilling the client’s requirement for bilingual (English and Spanish) agents in sufficient numbers to meet their staffing needs and quality standards.
  2. Advanced agent training techniques enable rapid onboarding and accelerate speed to competency. This ensures iQor achieves the client’s targets from the very beginning.
  3. iQor Colombia’s Great Place to Work® Certification signifies our commitment to employee satisfaction and a positive work environment. This fosters a culture of high engagement, which translates into exceptional service delivery for our clients. 

The Strategic Impact of Workforce Management for Retail

iQor recognized the need for immediate action to address the email backlog and improve the overall experience for driver applicants. Our approach combined expertise in workforce management and digital transformation to achieve significant improvements. 

A comprehensive system audit identified missing email response templates, a critical gap hindering efficient communication. Our team promptly addressed this by creating new templates, allowing for faster, more consistent responses and demonstrating the effectiveness of our retail process optimization expertise. 

iQor’s deft workforce management approach goes beyond implementing solutions; our CX experts also predict future gaps to mitigate concerns at every level. We optimize both people and processes to ensure a more user-friendly experience for the retailer’s driver applicants. This strategy streamlined the application journey and improved the overall satisfaction with the hiring process. 

Recognizing the high volume of inquiries, iQor identified an opportunity to further optimize the process. We proactively recommended transitioning from email to voice support, a solution that facilitated faster resolution of applicant queries at no added cost due to our proficient English- and Spanish-speaking agents. 

These strategic steps resulted in a streamlined driver application process. iQor’s efficient system quickly cleared the backlog of 42,000 inquiries, significantly improving response times and laying the foundation for exceptional customer service

Driver Recruitment and Onboarding Best Practices That Empower Irresistible Staffing Solutions

Meeting the retailer’s ambitious staffing needs and ensuring irresistible CX required a robust training model. iQor addressed this challenge through our award-winning active training programs, specifically designed to:

  • Accelerate onboarding and hiring. Effective recruitment programs powered by iQor’s Symphony [AI]TM orchestrate faster hiring and onboarding for qualified candidates, ensuring more harmonious driver delivery staffing solutions. 
  • Scale effectively for peak periods. Precisely timed staffing ramps are crucial for the client, especially during peak seasons like the holidays. iQor has longstanding expertise in delivering successful staffing increases tailored to meet these fluctuating demands. 
  • Drive exceptional customer experience. By empowering agents to deliver reliable service quality, we guarantee the client’s staffing requirements for drivers are met throughout the year with flexible seasonal ramping capabilities. 

Our commitment to best practices for recruitment and onboarding empowers agents to excel, ensuring the smooth operation of the driver applicant support program and ultimately, the success of the retailer’s driver delivery network.

iQor’s Consultative Approach to Outsourced Driver Delivery Support

Our consultancy extended to the new system data migration, ensuring a smooth transition.

Our commitment to exceeding expectations enabled us to surpass service level agreement targets by a significant margin. Our dedication to open communication and proactively suggesting solutions built a robust foundation of trust which led to the client regarding iQor as a true business partner. 

This collaborative approach, coupled with iQor’s understanding of the client’s business and proven success, led to: 

  1. A deeper partnership expanding to a new line of outsourced business for active driver support.
  2. Impressive early success indicators in the new active driver support program.

iQor’s partnership with the retailer thrives on a consultative approach, producing rewarding outcomes. We actively collaborate to improve the application process, benefiting both applicants and the retailer.


This section dives into the measurable achievements of iQor’s partnership with the prominent retailer, showcasing how our solutions empowered the client to solidify their market presence in driver delivery services.

Resolved the 42K email backlog.

Doubled service level agreement targets.

Increased CSAT by 50% in voice and email support. 

Achieved CSAT above 90% in active driver delivery voice support.

Met full-time staffing requirements during peak seasons.

Tripled iQor’s market share for active driver support.

Driving Continued Success in Outsourced Retail Driver Delivery Together

At iQor, we’re energized by the positive outcomes achieved and eager to propel the partnership to even greater levels of success. Leveraging our combined expertise and a shared vision for excellence, iQor remains dedicated to supporting the retailer’s long-term goals and performance triumphs through world-class outsourced driver delivery support.

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