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Human Resources

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Human Resources

The Challenge

Manual data entry processes slowed down critical human resource functions and reduce staffing visibility in the business. The repetitive HR task required a multi-step manual review and approval process from across several parts of the organization. As a result, long queues of HR tasks in the HRIS system took up hours per day.

The Solution

iQor developed a robotic process automation (RPA) bot to automate all manual data entry points and workflows within the cloud-based software for human capital management. The RPA incorporated human review procedures for exceptions

RPA supercharges your workforce

  • Complete processes and requests faster
  • Eliminate human error Increase productivity and streamline functions
  • Shift employees’ time to revenue-focused activities

The Results

The RPA bot, without the need for any human interaction, automates HR-based workflow requests by reviewing each request to fixed criteria. If the requirements are met, the bot automatically approves the request. If not, the system automatically alerts the requester for comments and changes. HR management can start and stop the RPA bot anytime through a simple email notification process. Additionally, the bot increased system record accuracy, provided real-time visibility into staffing metrics, and offered other payroll and benefits improvements.

650 hours saved per employee per year

75 complex HR transactions completed per hour

100% process automation

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