Services Provided

  • Back Office Voucher Fulfillment
  • Processes Automation


Travel & Hospitality

Processes Automated

Back office voucher fulfillment


Travel and Hospitality

The Challenge

A back office voucher process required specially-trained agents to work off large excel files on multiple applications and screens, leading to sub-optimal processing speed, frustrated customers, and missed opportunities to use skilled agents on more revenue-driven tasks.

The Solution

iQor developed a robotic process automation (RPA) function to automate the voucher workflow and create an easy-to-train guided instruction for agents of any skill to complete the voucher process. The human and bot partnership improves output accuracy by removing all excel interactions, applications, and screen activities and prompts the user for validation and input as needed. The RPA bot guides the agent through the voucher process, saving the company two valuable minutes of handle time per voucher request.

RPA Supercharges Your Workforce

  • Complete processes and requests faster
  • Eliminate human error Increase productivity and streamline functions
  • Shift employees’ time to revenue-focused activities


These 2 minutes had a huge impact. The airline saves thousands of hours a year, frees up agents for more revenue-driven tasks, and consistently meets its hourly target every day.

36,400 transactions per year

1,965 hours saved per year

29% reduction in handle time

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