3rd Party Recovery

Analytics-Driven Performance with Iron-Clad Compliance

iQor helps accelerate cash flow and optimize the working capital of hundreds of consumer and commercial clients by providing third party collections services on their behalf. Operating as a third party call center, our team helps intervene with late stage delinquent customers.

Utilizing our Global capability each customer unique requirements are tailor designed to precisely fit and exceed those needs with ultimate emphasis on seamless execution.

70% Chance We've Seen Your Customer Before. iQor's QuantuMatch, a proprietary, Big Data-enabled analytics engine, contains one of the largest databases of consumer and commercial-level information in the world. When we receive a new consumer account, there is up to a 70% chance we can match the account with our existing consumer history. This experience is incredibly valuable in customizing the right intervention steps for that consumer.

ProbQontact Identifies Your Most Reachable Customers. By incorporating external vendor information, prior call outcomes, demographics, and iQor's own consumer history, we create a ProbQontact score that calculates the probability of a right party contact for every account and phone number in real-time.

Predictive Payment Models Drive Treatment Strategy. Using a foundation of rich data and highly-skilled analysts, iQor integrates consumer data with external market information and, where possible, our client's own data, to help determine the most appropriate intervention and treatment strategy to optimize return.

Embedded Compliance. Qorus, iQor's proprietary CRM platform application, uses multi-layered rules to enforce compliance. Rules and restrictions - including government regulations, client requirements, and iQor's own guidelines - are fully integrated into all systems. Central controls dictate contact attempts by state or province, time of day, number of calls etc., eliminating the possibility of human error or abuse.