By using iQor Subrogation Services, you gain a dedicated, expert team with proven results, and whose recovery fees are contingent upon collection.

As an insurance provider, satisfying your customers promptly is a key part of your good business practices. In some cases, it may be later determined that another person or entity is actually liable for the payment you already issued. The fixed overhead required to maintain a staff with the knowledge and experience to successfully pursue these subrogation repayments, can be prohibitive for many businesses.

The iQor Subrogation Team is specially selected from their extensive Insurance Services organization for their industry expertise, good judgment and "can-do" attitude towards investigations, negotiations and recovery. To this they add:


Team members must have, and continually refine, their understanding of:


iQor is dedicated to resolving your Subrogation issues in a manner that supports your good reputation within the industry and with your customers. All activities are done in compliance with state and federal regulations. Compliance and Memberships: