Catalog Sales

We Are ‘The Brand’ For Catalog Industry Sales And Support.

When it comes to catalog sales and support, we are the contact center of choice for some of the most respected names in the catalog industry. We service over 50 catalog titles that specialize in apparel, gifts, food, and healthcare products. We have embraced this call center niche as showcased by our active sponsorship and membership in The Direct Marketing Association, The New England Mail Order Association, The American Catalog Mailers Association and various industry user groups and events in support of our catalog and retail call center clients.

Whether it’s the holiday season, your special marketing events, or your 24/7/365 call center overflow needs, our facilities in the United States, Philippines and Panama employ skilled call center workforce management teams to help staff our shared agent, dedicated agent, and hybrid call center environments appropriately allowing our catalog clients to maintain sales momentum. We work closely with our catalog clients to understand their business needs including marketing plans, mailing schedules, upsell requirements and other dynamics.