Upsell & Cross-Sell

Opportunity is Knocking - Open the Door!

We’re on the phone and already talking to a customer about their product or service. They may have called us with a question, or we may have called them because their service agreement is coming up for renewal. The key here is that we already have an engaged customer and therefore an opportunity. Upselling is the art of getting someone to a higher commitment within the realm of what they were already planning to purchase. Examples are telephone plans that you can get someone to increase from 700 minutes to 1000 minute plan, or a cable TV subscription increased from the basic plan to one that includes specialty channels or sports packages.

And the sales don’t need to stop there. Once the customer has agreed to a service or product, we have another opportunity. Cross-selling is the ability to market related products or services. For example, a customer is using a specific water or gas company but they never considered the service plan to cover any problems in the supply piping between the street (which the provider is responsible for) and their home.

Surveys show that most buyers appreciate being told about additional products or services that might better meet their needs, or about new or special offers. For our customers, we can grow their business while also providing the additional benefit of improving the satisfaction of their customers and brand loyalty.