Career Success with Recognition and Awards

April Segovia’s career journey at iQor is both impressive and inspiring. April joined iQor as an operations supervisor in 2016 with six years of experience in the BPO industry.

Her career journey at iQor has been challenging, in a good way. The telco client she supported started with 15 call center agents. The campaign was so successful that her team’s headcount tripled in just a few months.

April was recognized as Top Supervisor in 2018 in Manila for her work at iQor’s Bacolod site. Earning this distinction is largely due to April embracing iQor’s values, always being committed to doing the right thing for the client and other iQor employees, no matter their role. This award recognition event was held at another iQor facility, where she met many others and expanded her network at iQor. Her leadership team is thrilled about her achievement.

Just a few months after receiving the Top Supervisor award, doors began to open for April. She recognized an opportunity to apply for a manager position. Even though she was somewhat challenged by it, the support from her direct manager and others around her encouraged her to go for it. April became an Apprentice Manager, and after just six months in that role, she was promoted to full-fledged manager. April realized that by believing in herself and the support of her peers and manager, she could grow into even more seemingly challenging roles and succeed. 

April was very excited to take on this new manager role. She was leading a team at the same client under a new program. This time, she was challenged to meet the needs of this program which was in high growth mode. The agent headcount and supervisor headcount were doubling rapidly. She managed six teams with fifteen agents each. As the client expanded their program with iQor due to its success, April pioneered ramp-up on this program including training and nesting programs that allowed for the headcount to grow, all while keeping the client exceedingly happy with the results.

April’s rapid success at iQor as a call center operations supervisor and manager for a telecom client is an inspiration to anyone seeking to grow in their career, whether at iQor or elsewhere. April attributes her success to her commitment to integrity, drive, goal setting, and, as stated earlier, living each day according to iQorian values.

She stresses the importance of always doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Her passion for such integrity is a testament to the attitude that makes her career journey at iQor a success for the client her team supports, and those who report to her.

April looks forward to a long career at iQor. She embraces challenges and opportunities to continue to grow and to build teams from within. She is currently creating opportunities for QA agents and backup trainers, among others. 

April enjoys her work at iQor, and her authenticity is evident in the video recording of this episode, where she shares her story. When she is not working, April enjoys spending time with her five dogs. April’s family is very supportive of her dog family, one of which is a recently adopted puppy at the time of this recording.

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