There’s Much to Love About Being in Sales in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry

Annette Timmins has been in the Business Process Outsourcing industry, referred to commonly as BPO, for more than twenty-five years. She recently joined iQor as Vice President, Business Development. In this episode, we spoke with Annette about the changes she’s seen in the BPO industry and why she joined iQor.

Annette addressed our question about why she loves the BPO industry with a twist. She answered why she loves being in sales in the BPO industry. It boils down to one concept. Annette loves to help people. She points out that the essence of what an outsourced business processing company does every day is delivering help. She reminded us that when we have a problem or a question with one of the products or services we use, we contact the brand in need of help. The people who deliver that help to their customers are contact center agents like the 30,000 agents employed by iQor.

Annette loves to work with people at brands who need to set up contact centers to support their end customers. To Annette, those conversations are rewarding because she is helping a client address a critical need in their business.

How has the BPO Industry Changed?

With Annette’s twenty-five-year-plus tenure in the BPO industry, we were curious to learn how she’s seen the industry evolve. She says that in one way, the industry hasn’t changed because it’s still fundamentally about delivering customer care. What has changed a lot is how contact centers provide care. She points out that call center agent training has changed from in-person training with binders to online training delivery. The common theme in the changes in BPO is the advances in technology used to deliver customer care along with the training and development of call center agents.

Annette embraces the technology boom that enables BPOs such as iQor to use analytics and AI to help with call handle times and call deflection rates. By delivering more information to contact center agents proactively and reactively through intelligent automation, agents are better equipped to provide a great customer experience

Why iQor?

We wanted to know why Annette joined iQor after making other stops in her BPO career journey. She responded with an explanation that embodies the essence of the Digitally Irresistible podcast. Annette is drawn to iQor by the mix of digital BPO solutions that offer clients robust customer care options along with the irresistible culture and people at iQor. She appreciates having the ability to provide customer care solutions across 50-plus facilities ranging from the U.S. to Trinidad to the Philippines for clients across many industries

Annette likes to enjoy herself while working (don’t we all!). At iQor she has found the right balance of taking business seriously with robust BPO solutions while also enjoying the people and the work. She appreciates that iQor is a mid-size BPO with a great culture and agility to deliver effective customer experience solutions. She also appreciates the abundance of digital technology available to iQor’s clients, such as speech analytics and robotic process automation. 

We weren’t surprised to learn that Annette has a rich list of activities she does with her family for fun. The first one she mentioned was participating in charity events. Annette loves helping people. It’s fun for her. She also is an avid tennis player and sits on the Adult Competition Committee for the United States Tennis Association (USTA)

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