iQor Qares Charitable Giving Nonprofit Supports Employees and Communities in Times of Need

This week’s guest is Caity Morder, human resources generalist at iQor. Her career journey in human resources led her to iQor where she has been a key player in the iQor Qares 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization designed to help iQor employees in times of special need. Serving as a resource to so many people in times of unforeseen financial hardship has been a rewarding and humbling experience for Caity. In this episode, she discusses what led her to iQor, how the iQor Qares program works, examples of how it helps employees across the world in their times of need, and how individuals both within and outside of iQor can help.

The Road to iQor

Caity joined iQor in 2016 with a background in human resources and recruiting with a focus on meeting seasonal ramps in contact center environments. In her work and in her personal life, giving back to the community has always been a key element for Caity. The iQorian Values and iQor’s commitment to creating rewarding experiences that make employees smile while also supporting them in times of special need have played a significant role in Caity’s time at iQor. Her involvement with the iQor Qares nonprofit has provided a valuable outlet for Caity to connect with employees and help make a positive impact in their lives in addition to the work she does through human resources. She is embedded in the irresistible people and culture of iQor.

All About iQor Qares

iQor Qares embodies the iQorian value to give back to employees, their families, and the local communities in which they live and work. In the past, when iQor employees faced extreme hardship, iQor organized fundraisers to help. Determined to make a broader impact in the lives of about 35,000 employees worldwide, iQor decided to initiate a dedicated year-round approach to provide a faster and more unified response to employees in need.

As a result, the senior leadership team at iQor created iQor Qares, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization with its own board of directors, independent from iQor. iQor Qares provides financial support to employees, their families, and their communities facing unforeseen hardship due to natural disasters, family health issues, and more. Loren Dennis, senior vice president of operations at iQor in charge of special projects, is on the iQor Qares Board and oversees the iQor Qares program. He spoke in-depth about it on Digitally Irresistible Episode 26.

Stories of Hope

iQor Qares has helped many employees in times of special need since its creation in 2019. From providing financial support to help employees rebuild after devastating natural disasters, to providing death benefits so family members could receive proper care, to helping families recover after house fires—iQor Qares is there.

As hard as it is to look through the applications for support and hear the heart-wrenching stories of intense need, Caity is continually moved by the courage and hope she sees. She is grateful to play a role in helping employees through some of the most challenging times in their lives. Through her work, Caity has supported iQor Qares in helping many employees make it through a variety of difficult situations.

Rebuilding After Typhoon Odette

In the wake of Typhoon Odette’s crushing impacts on the Philippines in December 2021, iQor Qares helped more than 30 employees recover from widespread devastation caused by flooding, wind damage, and the like. With financial assistance from iQor Qares, employees and their families were able to complete necessary repairs to their homes’ foundations, roofs, and walls in order to get back on their feet.

Recovering From a Winter Storm in Texas

When a winter storm wreaked havoc in a part of southern Texas unaccustomed to such weather, iQor Qares was there to help meet essential needs. The below-freezing temperatures caused pipes to burst in an employee’s home, leading to significant damage. With financial assistance from iQor Qares, the employee was able to begin rebuilding their kitchen so their home could once again be habitable.

Caring for a Child After a Heartbreaking Diagnosis

iQor Qares’ support addresses all types of unforeseen special needs, including support requests due to health care. When an employee’s child was diagnosed with a serious health condition that required treatment, iQor Qares assisted with unreimbursed medical expenses to ensure the family was able to provide the care their child needed.

Affording Medication Necessary for Treatment

In another case, an iQor employee who was a single mom supporting and caring for five children needed help covering one month of her prescription medication costs in order to help her get back on her feet and return to work. iQor Qares was able to help cover the costs so she could afford the medication she needed to heal.

Receiving Essential Care During COVID

On Digitally Irresistible Episode 35, Kevin Anthony Paredes shared his experience with iQor Qares when he became seriously ill with COVID-19 and needed hospitalization. At the time in the Philippines, it was challenging to find available ambulances and hospital beds for treatment. His local leadership team at iQor arranged for an ambulance and found him a bed in a hospital so he could receive the medical care he needed. iQor Qares provided financial assistance with his medical bills to help him get back on his feet.

How to Apply for Support From iQor Qares

iQor Qares is committed to helping employees through challenging situations that present unique needs for unforeseen financial support. As with so many of the stories we’ve heard, Caity feels like iQor is a family committed to helping when needs arise.

For employees facing unforeseen events that present the need for financial support, they can turn to iQor Qares. Employees can visit to learn more and apply. Employees are encouraged to contact their local human resources support team for confidential help with the application process and supporting documentation. Employees are not alone and iQor Qares is there to help every step of the way.

How to Donate to iQor Qares

iQor Qares welcomes donations from everyone, employees and community members alike! One hundred percent of all donations raised go directly to providing assistance to employees in need.

iQor employees can easily set up a donation commitment. It’s simple and secure. If all employees donated just $1 a month, we’d raise $35,000 every month to help our colleagues in need. Caity recommends donating the same as the cost of a cup of coffee each week to truly make a big impact in the lives of others.

iQor employees can set up one-time and recurring donations at These can be made either through payroll deductions or credit card payments. Payroll deductions are made pre-tax so your dollars go further!

Contributors outside of iQor can donate on this website, making one-time or recurring credit card donations.

5th Annual iQor Qares Charity Golf Tournament

On May 10-11, 2022, iQor Qares will host its largest fundraiser of the year—the 5th Annual iQor Qares Charity Golf Tournament. The event will take place at the world-renowned Copperhead Valspar Classic Golf Course at Innisbrook in Palm Harbor, Florida. One hundred percent of the funds raised will go to iQor Qares, supporting iQorians across the globe in need of financial assistance due to events beyond their control.

What Caity Does for Fun

Caity loves spending time with her family and friends, especially her nephews. She also recently became a therapy dog team with her dog, Callie. Together they visit local nursing homes, schools, and other organizations to bring comfort to those in her community. Community service is a part of who Caity is. And, spreading smiles is what she does, both inside and outside iQor.

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