Call Center Agents at iQor Who Invest in Themselves Have Opportunities to Grow

Welcome to another episode of the Digitally Irresistible podcast. Today’s guest is Gladys Rodinas, Supervisor Operations in Talisay, Philippines. Gladys has had an inspiring journey in her iQor career in just a few short years, starting as a call center agent.

Whether you watch the video or listen to the podcast, you’ll discover that her story includes graduating from the award-winning iQor sQholar program. Gladys also won a very prestigious award, took a memorable trip, and she is now in her dream job at iQor. Let’s start her story at the beginning.

Gladys was attracted to apply for a call center agent position at iQor in 2017 because she was ready for a new challenge in her young BPO career. She was hired by iQor into an agent role and immediately faced the challenge of living in a new city, not knowing anyone, and being in a new job.

Gladys says that she is a risk-taker and taking on this new challenge was exciting for her. She adjusted quickly to her new home, made friends, and poured herself into being the best call center agent she could be.

Gladys became aware of the sQholar program, which is part of iQor University. The sQholar program is an online training academy for agents who want to advance their skills to move into leadership roles. Once accepted, agents apply to the program and are given six months to complete the training — all while they meet the responsibilities of their full-time position as an agent.

Gladys says that going through the sQholar program required discipline and time management. The program completion has a six-month deadline which must be achieved to graduate. She points out that working through the program allowed her to make new friends, which is an added benefit of investing herself in this program.

Upon graduation, doors began to open for Gladys. She moved into an Apprentice Supervisor role, where she leveraged the skills she acquired in the program.

Before moving into the Apprentice Supervisor role, Gladys was recognized in 2019 as an Agent of the Year (AoY) at the Talisay site in the Philippines. This prestigious recognition included a trip to Orlando, Florida, with eight of her colleagues. Gladys spent time at Disney World and Universal Studios, taking in all the rides and attractions. She had a blast! Additionally, she and her AoY friends also met several of iQor’s senior executives and even attended a Town Hall event in person. Overall, this trip (which took place pre-pandemic) was very memorable for Gladys and her colleagues.

Upon return from her trip to Florida, Gladys moved into an Ambassador role where she regularly meets with agents to coach and inspire them to be their best to deliver a great customer experience.

When I asked her advice for new agents, Gladys says to love what you do and surround yourself with amazing people. She is very enthusiastic about the career opportunities at iQor. She wants to encourage everyone to work hard, pay close attention to achieving their target metrics, enjoy themselves, make new friends, and take full advantage of the resources iQor provides agents to grow in their careers.

When she’s not working, Gladys likes to hang out with friends, go to the gym and read books.

Gladys inspires me. Her smile and attitude are contagious. She inspires everyone who comes into contact with her. I hope you’re inspired now to work hard, make new friends, and take advantage of the resources available to you.

Discover the career opportunities available at iQor here.

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